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Trying to Look Like a SuperHero


Finally decided to start a log, feel like I could gain a lot of insight from the veterans on the site. Going to be posting my food intake as well, please do not criticize my following of Intermittent fasting, I'm stationed overseas in the Air Force and find it more convenient to have two large meals versus five. I also like to note that some of the food sources are due to food limitations at the base dining facility.

Goals: Look like a superhero and lift weights like one
Age: 24
Height: 5'6
Weight: 170 trying to get to lean bulk to 185 then cut in April
Routine: 6 days on 1 day off
Sleep: Always minimum of 8 hours try for 9 (depends on when I fall asleep)

Supplements I take daily: Opti-men Multivitamin; 3 servings of fish oil (6 pills split at both meals); 5000ius of Vitamin D(split at both meals)

Warm Up:
Strict Pull Ups x12
Pull Ups(2 second pause at top) x 6 (3 times)

OHP: 115x5; 115x5; 125x5; 125x5; 135x4; 135x3 (2 minute rest between sets)
DB Shoulder Press: 55x10; 55x10; 60x10; 60x9; 65x7 (1 minute rest)
Landmine Press: 45lb plate x 10; 45 x 9; 45 x 8; 50 x 8 (1.5 minute rest)
Strict Lateral Raises: 22.5 x 8 ; 22.5 x 8; 22.5 x 8; 17.5 x 12 (1 minute rest)
Rope Pull Aparts(rear delts): 25 x 12 ; 30 x 12; 35 x 10; 42.5 x 8 (1 minute rest)

Meals Today:
2x Large Salad (Spinach, Broccoli, and Ham crumbles) (no dressing, a large bowl for each salad)
2x Cartons of 1%milk
8x Grilled Chicken Breast
2 servings of wild rice
1 serving of cooked spinach

Basically eat the same meal twice just split between lunch and dinner. First meal at 12:30pm, gym session at 4pm, and Last meal at 6pm


There are no short super heros…


Welcome man and good luck, I’ll be following


[quote]bpbob wrote:
There are no short super heros…[/quote]

Wolverine was short in the comics, although his on screen adaptation may not have been. Robin and Nightwing are also on the shorter side. I’m sure there are more, probably just not as popular. I admit there are not many though


[quote]Alpha wrote:
Welcome man and good luck, I’ll be following[/quote]

Thanks for the welcome, appreciate the support!


Incline 30’DB Row: 40x10; 45x10; 50x10; 50x9; 50x8(1min rest)Focus top end of contraction
Wide Grip Weighted Pull-Ups: 30lbsx5; 35x5; 40x5; 40x5; 45x4 ; 45x6(2min)
BB Rows: 165x10; 165x10; 185x8; 185x8; 195x (1min)
T-Bar Rows: 90lbsx12; 115lbsx12; 135x12; 160x9 (2min)
Close Grip Lat Pull Down: seated reverse115x12; 130x8; 145x7 (1min rest)
Machine Row: 2 plates x 10; 2 plates x 10; 2 plates + 25lb x 10; 2 plates + 25lb x 10; 3 plates x 8Wide Grip first, then close grip (1min rest)

Weighted Decline Sit Up: 3x8-12(1min)
Barbell Standing Twist: 3x8 (1min)
Ab Rollouts: 3x10 (1min)

Would like to incorporate deadlifts/rack pulls but my lower back suffered a bad muscle strain a couple weeks back and it still hurts even when doing low weights. Hopefully by the end of the month I can slowly work them back in

I put up a picture of what I ate for dinner, basically the exact same meal for lunch with 1 less serving of rice.
Food Intake:
2 cartons of 1%milk
3 servings of white rice(1 pre workout 2 post workout)
8 grilled chicken cutlets
2 large salads (spinach, broccoli, and ham crumbles)


(Rotator Cuff Warmup)Strict Pull Ups: BWx12; BWx6; BWx6 **last two sets, 2 second holds at top of contraction (1min)

BB Bench Press: 135x5(WU); 135x5(WU); 165x5; 185x5; 190x4; 190x4; 200x4 (2-3min)
Incline BB press: 150x9; 150x8; 150x7; 150x6; 150x7(1-2min)
Incline Flyes: 30x12; 35x12; 40x10; 45x8; 50x7(1min)
15`Incline Twist n’ Press: 55x7; 55x7; 55x8(2min)
Incline Hammer Machine Press: 60lbsx8; 60x7; 60xfailure(1min)

Rope Rear Delt Pull Aparts: 30x15; 35x15; 42.5x10; 30xfailure

Supplements: Opti-Men Multi-Vitamin, 5000iu’s of Vitamin D, & 6 capsules of fish oil (doses split up)

8 chicken cutlets
2 large bowl salads(spinach + broccoli + ham crumbles)
1.5servings of white rice (pre workout)
1.5servings of potatoes wedges (post workout)
2 cartons of 1%milk

Notes: My Flat Barbell bench still is the lift I’m trying to focus on. Can’t seem to zero in on the technique, doing some research and seeing what I can find to hone it.


Very clean eating! Can you sustain it? That’s my struggle.


Front Squat: 135x5;155x5; 165x5; 165x4;165x4 (2min rest)
Back Squat: 135x10; 135x10; 135x10;135x10(1min)
DB Bulgarian split squats: 35x6; 35x6; 35xfail(1min)
Lying Hamstring Curl: 80x12; 95x8; 95x8(1min)

Weighted Decline Crunchesx4
Standing Russian Twistx4
Hanging Leg Raisesx3
Rope Weighted Crunchesx3

Pretty tough day, trying to focus on my front squat cause it sucks due to a knee injury a few years back. Also the back strain I suffered basically forced my hand, glad I was able to back squat without any back pain although light. Taking a weakness and making it a strength, although my technique I think needs help. Been using straps, as CT advised, gonna keep at it. Haven’t done DB Bulgarian split squats, they were absolutely killer after the squats

Supplements: Same as yesterday
Food: Same as yesterday except instead of white rice, I had 1 extra serving of spinach, substituted vegetable rice and 1 less overall serving of carbs.

Notes: Thinking of adding a carton of chocolate milk post workout and keeping the 1%pre workout. Going to adjust it when my weight gains begin to stall.


[quote]ATL Richard wrote:
Very clean eating! Can you sustain it? That’s my struggle. [/quote]

Appreciate the compliment sir! I don’t have much of a choice, the rest of the dinning facility food consist of “dirty” food options. I’m going at it for as long as I can, I’m stationed in Korea for 2 years so I’m hoping to really have a dramatic change in appearance/strength.


Shoulder (warm up): Pull-upsx12x6; x6 hold contraction for 2 seconds

Decline Close Grip Bench: 135x12; 165x10; 175x8; 185x6; 195x5; 175xfail (2-3min rest)
Barbell Curls: Barx12; 65x12; 75x9; 75x7; 85x5; 65x10 (2-3min)
DB decline skullcrushers: 20lbsx12; 20x12; 20x12; 20x12(1 min)
Seated Incline Db Curls: 37.5lbsx12; 37.5x12; 37.5x10; 20xfail (2min) **reps are total
Straight Bar Pushdown: 42.5lbsx12; 57.5x12; 57.5x10; 65x6;30x12;15x15Drop Set (1 min)
Hammer Curls: 37.5lbsx18; 37.5x18; 42.5x12; 20xfail (1min)

Supplements: Same as usual (Multi, Fish Oil, & VitD)

Food: 8xChicken Cutlets; 2xLarge Salads(Spinach, Broccoli, Ham Crumbles); 2 cartons of 1%milk; 1 serving of cabbage; 1 serving of Boston beans(postWO); 1 serving of white rice(preWO); and 1 serving of green beans

My weight is very slowly going up, but I’m glad because I’m shooting for about 2lbs a month. I’ll start logging my weight every Monday starting next week. Going for a body recomp, with a slow steady muscle gain


I’m amazed by your diet alone. Keep at it!

Definitely gonna follow!


Front Squats: (115x10) x 5
BB Rows: (165x8) x5 No Straps
Flat BB Press: (135x10) x 2; (145x8) x 3
DB Shoulder Press: (55x8) x 5
Weighted Pull Ups SS Weighted Dips: (BW+20lbs x 8(PU)10(DIPS)) x 4

Decline Weighted Crunches: 3x6-10
Hanging Leg Raises: 3x10

Today was a “moderate weight, hone on technique” intense day. Something I kind of implemented that mimicked what CT wrote about in his last “Russian Strength Article”. All rest intervals were 1 minute from beginning to end. Absolutely drenched after the end of today
Supplements: Same (Multi, Fish Oil, VitD)

Food: 8xGrilled Skinless Chicken Breast; 2 Large Salads(Spinach, Broccoli, and Ham Crumbles); 2 cartons of 1%milk; 1 serving of boiled asparagus; 1 serving of Lima beans; 1 serving of white rice(postWO) and 1 serving of dirty rice(preWO)


Lunch from today; previous post had a picture of my dinner immediately after my workout. I’d also like to note I only drink water, and I do not snack at all during the day. I do enjoy my carton of milk 20 minutes after I eat my meals and that’s when I take my supplements.


Today is my off day, well deserved body was feeling good but tired. Supplements same as yesterday.

Diet Consist of close to zero true starch/grain carbs (all carbs came from vegetables/very few from sunflower butter), moderately more fat, and same amount of protein

Chicken grilled skinless cutlets x 8; 1 serving of green beans; 1 serving of carrots; 2 large salads (olive oil, vinegar, spinach, broccoli, and ham crumbles); 1 serving of boiled lima beans; 2 tbs of sunflower butter.


Shoulder (warm up): Pull-upsx12x6; x6 hold contraction for 2 seconds

OHP: 75x5(WU); 95x5(WU); 115x6; 120x5; 120x5; 125x5; 130x3; 95x10

DB Shoulder Press: (55x10)x2; 65x6; (50x12) x 2

Landmine Press: 45x10; 45x10; 55x7 ; 55x5Reps on each arm

Lateral Raises: (20x24)x2;(22.5x20)x2; 17.5xfail

Face Pulls: 30x12; 35x12; 42.5x10; 25xfail

BB Shrugs: 135x12; 185x10; 225x8 2 second contraction at top 275xFail **Strapless

First day I broke my diet in 2 months, got forced to eat at a Thai place downtown with the office. Got some sort of red chicken curry, with coconut milk and vegetables. Wasn’t the worst thing but it is what it is.

Got back on track with dinner: 4 chicken cutlets, 1 serving of rice, 1 serving of green beans, 1 serving of lentils, and my big salad.


Incline 30’DB Row: 40x12; 45x12; 50x10; 50x10; 50x8(1min rest)

Wide Grip Weighted Pull-Ups: 30lbsx7; 35x5; 35x5; 40x5; 45x4 ; 45x6(2min)

BB Rows: 165x10; 175x10; 185x8; 185x8; 195x8 (1min)

T-Bar Rows: 90lbsx12; 115lbsx12; 135x12; 160x9 (1min)

Close Grip Lat Pull Down: seated reverse115x12; 130x8; 145x7 (1min)

Machine Row: 2 plates x 12; 2 plates 25lb x 10; 3 plates 5lbs x 8Wide Grip (1min rest)

Was deathly hungover from an unexpected suprise party for a promotion. The workout was amazingly difficult, was absolutely destroyed and still nursing my hangover as we speak.


Im in.

I like super hero’s.



(Rotator Cuff Warmup)Strict Pull Ups: BWx12; BWx6; BWx6 **last two sets, 2 second holds at top of contraction (1min)

BB Bench Press: 135x5(WU); 135x5(WU); 165x5; 185x5; 190x4; 195x4; 200x3; 175x5 (2-3min)

Incline BB press: 150x10; 150x7; 150x7; 150x7; 150x6(1-2min)

Incline Flyes: 30x12; 35x12; 45x10; 55x6(1min)

15`Incline Twist n’ Press: 55x7; 55x7; 55x7(2min)

Face Pull Aparts: 30x15; 35x15; 42.5x10;50x; 30xfailure

Incline Hammer Machine Press: 60lbsx10; 65x7; 65x7(1min)

Forward Lean Dips: (BWx12) x3

My flat barbell bench might be my worse lift, but I’m going to keep focusing on getting my technique down. It’s difficult to keep tight once I touch and go my chest. I’m going to look at elitefts and check out the “so you think you can bench” videos again

Dinner from tonight; diet was what I usually intake


[quote]theBird wrote:
Im in.

I like super hero’s.


Appreciate the support, liking the avatar picture. Spider-Man has always been one of my favorites, even if Sony does a terrible job of representing him on the big screen