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Trying to Lift Heavier But Stuck

I’ve been lifting a long time. Last year was not the most consistent for me due to going back to school but this year I’ve been back on track. I’ve done a few figure competitions and now I want to train for a strongwoman. I’m 5’ 2" and around 140 lbs.

My 1RM for squats is 200 lbs, Deadlifts 190, Clean and Press 105. I feel like I have been stuck at an intermediate level for a while now. As a woman, how should I be training to get those numbers up?

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Same general idea as for men but principle of individual differences still applies. PEDs can throw it off a bit obviously

Strongerbyscience has an article on “Gender Differences in Training and Metabolism”

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How much are you eating?
How much cardiovascular work do you do?
What kind of poundage are you shooting for?
How’s your form/technique looking?
What kind of training regimen are you running?

There’s a crap ton of other questions I wish to ask, but I’ll ask those first. Most often times people just don’t really eat enough to notice any change in their lifts. Other times they don’t understand how to properly program training regimens to see progression.