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Trying to Learn to Power Clean


Hey guys this week I have been attempting to learn to power clean.

Everyday I have done 5 sets of 3 reps at 40kg and do not plan on increasing the weight until i have sufficiently good form.

so on that note is there anything I should be working on?


I'm no expert but i would say:

  1. Get your hips lower when in starting position
  2. Think "weight on the heels"
  3. You shouldn't chase the bar with your hips and going so much in front of you, bar should be closer to your body when passed the knees (this will be ok when "the weight is on the heels"
  4. You are catching the bar with your hands, and then landing it on your chest. Your back doesn't seem ok when you are catching the bar (because the bar is too far away, i think). I guess you are not doing heavy front squats - you should as they are likely gonna learn you how to properly catch/rack the bar.

Well, if i said something wrong, someone more experienced is gonna correct me.

Best regards


You're missing the 'power' part of power clean. These are like fast reverse curls almost. You're getting absolutely no hip drive. Watch some videos of power cleans on youtube, or CT's videos, and compare them to what you're doing. Your hips are the most important part of the movement, that's where you generate your power. I know this isn't a great explanation of what to do, so maybe someone else can help, but I can definitely see what you're NOT doing. The movement should look athletic, and this looks awkward.


NNY: I've been told I have had the same problem on deadlifts with my hips being too high so will definitely correct this. And no I havent been doing heavy front squats but I have worked up to doing 5x5 at 60kg with them so I guess it will take time.

Flip Collar: Thank you for your input and I will look to working on that, when I go home for the summer I know one of the trainers will help me learn better but it's going to be a few weeks before then.


Also would anyone disagree with doing weighted trap bar jumps whilst learning to power clean properly?


Kettlebell swings may help your hip pop.


I would :slight_smile: At least if that's how you're trying to learn proper form.
When doing power clean (or clean), you shouldn't jump at all. Focus on keeping the bar close to the body and kicking the bar up with your hips. Also, don't drive your hips in front where the bar is - bring the bar to your hips, and then kick it UP.


You're catching the barbell with your hands, when you should be catching it with your body. The only part of your hand that should be touching the barbell at the top is the tips of your fingers, like so:

Also, as other posters have pointed out, you need to use your hips more. Watch a video of someone doing a proper power clean and then copy them. Even better, have someone who knows how to properly power clean show you.

Good luck.


Before trying power cleans, you should learn how to power clean from the hang position. This will improve your hip "pop" more than anything else. Watch some videos of these, you will see right away how you pretty much have to drive these with your hips; it's too hard to get momentum otherwise. There are some good T-Nation articles about all of this too.


hi. sorry for my bad english.....

1- till the bar dont pass the kness only push with your legs in slow motion style, and your torax has to mantain the same angle with the ground.
2- in the moment that the bar pass the kness you do the explosive motion, you finish to push with your legs (ankle full extension also) and you pull with your torax (full pull, also trapezious), i say TORAX, NOT HANDS. Hands are only a guide for the bar, but hands NEVER PULL.
3- elbows high for receptioning the bar, the higher the best, and then.... faster down the bar.

if you dont do point 1, you will never learn how to do 2 and 3, because you cant do 2 and 3 properly.


It took me 5 months of teaching myself and videoing myself constantly to perfect my form. Didnt work. Form was getting worse and worse

The problem was that I was trying to isolate my issues and mistakes.

I realised that bad form on the cleans/snatches had been engraved into my head. After watching this video, I relearned the entire lift. Starting the way they do from the top working your way down worked the best. My form improved so much in just the first week of practicing. This is probably the best "how to olympic lift" video on youtube.

The most important part is the explosiveness during the hip extension.


Where's the video at?


Sorry, forgot the link. Its cali strength