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Trying to Learn the High Pull. Feedback on Form

Hi Coach,

I’ve been reading about the high pull and the benefits of including it in a training program.

I started practising it last training session.

Here’s the way I’m currently doing it

I’m finding it difficult to coordinate everything and this seems to me like a difficult movement to learn.

Also, my left shoulder hurts quite a lot when I pull the bar up. It just doesn’t feel right at the moment

What am I doing wrong?

I’m not CT, a coach or a professional. But the Snatch-grip High Pull is one of my favorite movements that I have been doing for a while. So take my 2 cents with a grain of salt.
From what I see you are not connecting the power generated from your hips with the actual pull. You could just stand still and still accomplish what you are already doing. Which is just a shoulder raise with some body English. Focus on generating power from your hips like you would for a power clean (Mark Rippetoe has a couple good YouTube videos on the power clean). While in motion pull the bar up. Keep your elbows up. Pull up violently, then let the bar go back down. Don’t try to hold it for any amount of time. It’s a power movement. Power from the hips, pull that sumbitch fast then let momentum take care of the rest. Hopefully that helps bro. Keep at it. Work your way up. At 225lbs a high pull will have you yoked like a beast. But start with just the bar and work you way up slower than you think you should

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