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Trying to Intergrate Thib Principles in my Training

This currently my training, I’m trying to intergrate Christian’s principles in my training, I’m a very gifted athlete having set national records in powerlifting and strongman, but am training for college football for this coming year, right now i’m trying to pack on as much mass as posssible before having to worry about field work and maybe do a strongman show, help would be greatly appreciated, oh and before every workout I do some kind of nueral actvation exercise like snatches, bar throws, jumps etc.

Lower Body Pressing Heavy
Squat or Deadlift Variation ramping by 5’s or 3’s
Posterior Chain Movement CLusters of 5 4 x10
Quad Movement 4 x10
Heavy Abs

Upper Body Presing HEavy
Bench Variation ramping by 5’s or 3’
Tricep Movement clusters of 5’s 4x10
Back Movement cluster of 5’s 4 x10
Bicep Movement 4 x10

Lower Explosive
Speed Squats 8 x2 reverse band or regular bands
Speed Deads 8 x2 reverse band or regular
Clean Pulls 5 x 3
Prowler Sprints

Upper Explosive
Speed BEnch 8 x 2 bands or reverse bands
Overhead PRess ramp by 5’s
Auxillary SHoulder movement 3 x10
Back Movement 4 x 10
Bicep Movement 3 x10

off----Nueral Charge Workout

Full Body Training Day
Squat OR Deadlift Variation ramoing by 5’s or 3’
Bench Variation Ramping by 5’s or 3’s
Lat Movement 4 x 10 clusters of 5’s

Strongman Training

Log or Axle Press ramp with 3’s or 2’s
Tire Flips or Yoke Walks
Farmers Walks or Stones

Thanks for all the help! - Scott

I am not exactly in your league genetically, but I was a competitive powerlifter who switched to bodybuilding style workouts using primarily CT’s stuff about 4 years ago.

You are obviously handling a lot of volume. Your training looks like you are trying to do everything at once. Since its February, I’d take a month and do a block of only hypertrophy. Training for one goal at a time! Here’s what I’d suggest:

  1. Get into a caloric surplus. Eat more, train less. Then eat some more. Then go take a nap.
  2. Go more days between workouts with a given bodypart. You are hitting legs 4x/week. That will make them strong, for sure, but they’ll grow faster if you take more time for them to recover. Go to 2x/wk for the first block.
  3. Remember, powerlifting training is designed to get you as strong as f#&@ without jumping weight classes. Except for your activation cluster sets, everywhere else you were doing 3’s, do 5’s. Everywhere you are doing 5’s, do 8’s. Do the occasional 15 rep set for squats and overhead presses too. Really shock your body by doing stuff its not used to.
  4. Don’t be afraid to gain a little fat. Not a lot, but a little won’t hurt. Depending on your position, extra weight is an asset. You are young, and you will have plenty of time to lean out later in the spring before two-a-days start.
  5. After 1 month, switch to a translational block, bringing back the dynamic effort work, cutting back on high rep stuff. Add back in some conditioning.
  6. When you get to April, either do another block of hypertrophy, or move on to more of the training for functional and field work if you have spring football.
  7. Oh, and stay off your back. You’ve got strong pecs, but if you’re like most PL’ers, your shoulders lag behind. Most guys have to watch their shoulder joints from all the max squatting and benching. For football, you need your delts, all 7 of them, to be stronger. Do all your pressing upright for the first month, and burn the crap out of your rear delts.

Good luck!