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Trying to Increase Strength and Balance Lifts

Hi all,

So I set a goal for myself at the start of the year to bench 2 plates, so from February to April I did 5x5 linear progression (bench press only) every 5 days until I stalled quite hard.

From a 70kg 4RM (quite hard), I went to 100kg 3RM (with liftoff) and 90kg 8RM (no liftoff).

I was really satisfied with my strength gain, however, I realized that I enjoyed bodybuilding workouts so much more, sets n reps for the pump. But my lifts were quite imbalanced as I didn’t really Squat or Deadlift at all, so I tried doing SL properly, as well as 5/3/1, but I just found them so, so, so boring…

So for the past 2 or so months I’ve just been trying to Squat and Deadlift once a week or so but haven’t really gained any strength… I really dislike having such a weak lower body so I’m currently sitting on two options but I’m really open to anything.

  • Just grind through a linear progression program even though I don’t enjoy it as much.
  • Have linear progression for 2 days/week, and hypertrophy workout for 2 or 3 days/week

Any advice is appreciated!

P.S. I put this topic in the Bodybuilding section as I’m mostly looking for advice from people with a somewhat similar background or have faced this issue before.

Really simple… just do a back off set or two after your last heavy set on your main heavy work set. NO reason at your level that you cant work on Strength and size at the same time!

squat and deadlift or the two programs you mentioned?

Question? what is your height current body weight?
Unless, I overlooked it you seems to have neglected to mention your squat and dead numbers.

I found the programs boring…

Height: 173cm
Weight: 74kg

How so?

Obviously… you arent familiar with the whole 5/3/1 set up and its all its variations .
You still haven’t mentioned your Squat and dead numbers…

Try to squat more, go heavy on your squat day, do a few ramping sets after bench, and a few light sets on dead day too. The best squat gains I had were squatting 3 times per week with 5x5, ramping one day, static weight another for 5 sets and a light day after deads.

Eh well if want long term progress learn to embrace “boring”

Anyway, either of these great and not boring…