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Trying to Increase Frequency


I'm currently doing a carb-cycling diet with the goal of losing about a lb a week. Just came back from a deployment and my bulking/cutting diet cycle timing is all outta wack so I started cutting early. Anyways I feel as though I'm making gains while leaning out...def getting stronger for sure. I want to increase my training frequency and right now I train twice a day at about 45min each...heavy/intense at the gym in the morning and pretty light in the afternoon with whatever weights/bands I have at home, 2 days on 1 day off for a 9-day split. I do HIIT on my off days.

Basically my question is this, I want to up my frequency further but I don't want to burn out. Is neural charging something you do everyday, does your body get "used" to it like it does caffeine - as dumb as that sounds? I really want to up my training to 6 days a week and do 2 intense sessions at the gym without worrying about burning out. Obv cuz of being on a low(er) caloric diet I risk burning out easily...so I don't want to just randomly do it without knowing before hand, and I'll prob be consuming close to 4k cals as opposed to 3000-3500 I do now.

I used to do a quick 3-5min barbell complex HIIT session to "charge"/wake me up back before I knew about neural charging or the CNS, the energy I had was ridiculous back then. But this was when I was bulking


i'd like to know how 'intense' these sessions are..if they are already over the limit then you'll struggle with this plan let alone one with more volume and in a fat loss phase...i think you should look at adding volume with bodyweight circuits etc, things don't stress the nervous system or joints


Neural Charge workouts to avoid "burning out." Come up with a few different NC workouts and cycle through them, being sure not to repeat the same one for a few workouts. I'd come up with some that emphasize the whole body and some that emphasize specific movement patterns or muscle groups and use them as you see fit.

Sled work to increase overall volume and work capacity/caloric burn. You can make one if you don't have access to one....there's a ton of dudes on here that have made their own. I think a tire and rope/chain has been a popular choice for doing it outside.

I prefer more sled work (everyday or as much as you can tolerate according to where you are in your cut), to doing any sort of HIT sessions. A lot easier on the body, increases recovery and if you build the volume up over time, you end up doing more overall work than a couple of HIT sessions per week.


why do you want to increase training frequency???


Just realized this was posted in CT's forum. I didn't mean to give my opinion in his forum...sorry about that CT.


nice arm