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Trying to Help my Father

My dad is in his 50’s and both his knees are in need of a miracle. Long story short he’s had several surgeries and never did the proper rehab. His muscles are probably all out of balance. So I started him out with soft tissue work. The old tennis ball under his feet. He tells me that it hurts his achilles tendon to do it.

Is this normal? I don’t want to hurt him more than he is, but he needs help. What else can I try with him?

Many things can not work right when the foundation of hormones is not. He should get a male hormone panel, including TSH and fT3, fT4. Depending on how he does during the day, energy wise, he might need some cortisol testings. Repeated surgeries can contribute to, or cause, adrenal problems.

Have you looked at his nutrition and supplements?

What comorbidities?
Fasting serum glucose?
High BP?
What Rx and OTC drugs that might be causing problems?
Statin drugs without CoQ10 - muscle pain?
Signs of low testosterone, such as hair loss below the knee?
Used predinesone?
Lost stature?
Muscle wasting?
Weight gain?

Fish oil and high dose vitamin D are a good foundation, as well as the usual supplements.

I guess that he needs to look at the hormone situation and look for fundamentals. This goes beyond physiotherapy. Healing is complex and ca catabolic state makes the outcome a bit grim.

Wow. First of all THANKS. A lot. You are a beast. I am not sure if your questions where rhetorical or if you wanted me to help you help me. I appreciate your answer more than you know and I would be more than satisfied with ending this discussion right here. Yet, I must try. I know time is valuable, so no offense taken if you cannot help me further, but here’s to praying.

gemfibrozil - 600mg for cholesterol

metformin - 1000mg for diabetes

lisinopril - 10mg

glyburide - 5mg

atenolol - 50mg for blood pressure

aspirine - 81mg for arthritis

That’s his full list of medication.

gemfibrozil - 600mg for cholesterol * probably increasing E2/estradio - might lower T

metformin - 1000mg for diabetes * OK

lisinopril - 10mg * lower libido

glyburide - 5mg * can increase estrogen

atenolol - 50mg for blood pressure * problems with sexual function, depression, confusion

aspirine - 81mg for arthritis * safe at that dose, otherwise can increase estogen

These things might effect T levels, but it is likely that his T levels are low and TRT could address that. You did not answer the questions that address T status. Best bet is to get the lab work done.


also make him do 5/3/1 or we’ll kill him

All this time, my father has been living far away. Now he’s moved closer and I want to help him. I’ve already acquired the FLAME OUT.

Since this should take care of some of the inflammation, can he eleminate the aspirin?

Can we substitute any of his medecines with good diet and/or any other supplement?

Will any of his medecines counter act the wanted results from FLAME OUT?

I would love to get him off all the medication.