Trying to Have a Baby

Hey all. Wife just told me she wants to have a baby. I have been on for about 4 months w/hcg the whole time. Would prefer not to come off trt. Should I just try to impregnate her on my current protocol or drop the test for a few weeks until there’s a bun in the oven? Appreciate the feedback. You guys have been great in addressing all my concerns.

You don’t have to come off. Crank the HCG up to 1500 x 3 times per week. It will happen within 3 months.

Happens all the time to our guys, just spoke to a recent one the other day. My best friend did it twice and he is a former AAS guy.


increasemyt, would u say most of ur guys who are on TRT and wants to become fertile again, succeed?

Yea most of them. At least while on HCG or a SERM.

We have even had a guy who’s wife did not get pregnant 3 months into the HCG and we suggested she get checked and it turned out she had problem. So they fixed her issue and within 30 days they were able to conceive.

Alright, sounds good, thx man

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Add FSH injections, this will create sperm.

Does my hcg dose have to be that high? Would 500 3x/week do the trick? That seems like a lot.

It’s possible. I have two friends that both got their girls pregnant while on TRT with no hcg. It probably makes sense to get a fertility test and see where you’re at and go from there. There are lots of options for helping fertility. I have another friend who went on trt but was told he was not fertile and HMG had him conceiving really quick. Not sure if it was just HMG.

What exactly is FSH injection? I mean i know what FSH is bu is it something completely unrelated to HCG?

FSH is a stimulating hormone suppressed by TRT and is responsible for sperm production, you’re taking HCG in the hops what little FSH you have is still enough to do its job.

HCG replaces/mimics LH, the other part of the process is FSH, you can’t create sperm without FSH.

HCG stimulates the testicles to produce hormones testosterone and estrogen and FSH stimulates sperm.

Stay in hCG but not more than 1500 IU divided into 3 injections per week. Titrate according to blood work. 1500 per injection is a supraphysiological dose and will only lead to LH desensitation of LH receptor in testis.
Most guys do have intact spermatogenesis while on hCG only. If not add 75 to 150 IU hMG 3 x per week to induce spermatogenesis.

Just starting making ur deposits asap. See where u r at in 2 months. If u don’t have lots of volume know when she is ovulating and don’t ejaculate for a couple days then make the deposits.