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Trying to Grow King Leonidas Beard


Hey guys, I'm 19 now, and I am trying to grow a beard like King Leonidas from the movie 300. I attached pictures of what my beard looks like now.
Approximately how long will it take me to grow it like King Leonidas?
Here is a picture of how I want my beard to look:

Is it even possible for my beard to look like that?


not possible as a natty


You will need to grow a lot more whiskers and then get it styled to look as good as that. Your sideburns just don't look like they have the necessary density of hair to come to this party.

Have you thought of aspiring to the Colonel Sanders look instead?


Your girlfriend looks kind of cute. Got any more pics of her?


6 months to even get close. But to really fill out, a year or two. Then, you have to go for the yeard.


Print? Is that you?



Got us a real life Dick Tracy here.


Hmm, do you think if I grow the side burns longer and keep them combed down it will give the illusion that it is thick and dense? I must have this beard.. Colonel Sanders definitely won't cut it. LOL.


It's not a beard unless you have hair above your lip. Quit shaving your stache and grow it out too.


Don't do it. It's antiquated. You'll look like a douche.


The only way to find out is to try. I suspect that given your age you may need to wait a while to get a really thick growth on the side burns ... if it happens at all.

This is why I'd suggest a planter style, sort of like the evil Sheldon Cooper.
You can also use this style as training wheels to see if you can keep up the necessary grooming required.

FYI. 300 was a tad inaccurate on Leonidas. At the time of Thermopylae he was an elderly man of about 61 years of age. He probably had a lot of silver in any beard he had.


you should get some CGI cream.

...and just a pet peeve of mine, loose the high and tight if you go with the KL beard. The h & t and a full beard screams hipster douche. Buzz your head or grow it out, don't be a half-ass.



Growing a beard shouldn't be one of those things you have to ask how to do.


there's actually a few forums online where people solicit advice and get encouragement. They even have sub forums based on age.


Do agree that you lack sideburn density.

They should look like your chin.


The chin and side burns actually have about the same density, but the hair around my chin is about twice-three times as long as the side burn hair because I was originally just growing the hair there before I decided to grow it elsewhere.


Having attempted something like that in the past, it gets pretty tricky growing the area under the chin. If you're not careful, you can easily cut off too much hair while trimming it, just because it happens to be pointed in a different direction today. Use a comb on it after a shower to see where things really are.

Scissors, a hand mirror, and beard trimmers go a long ways. I'd suggest growing it out until it's a bit long and somewhat unkempt, then trimming it up a bit (leaving some of the new growth), and repeating. You want to let the density fill in over time, but keep the longer crazier hair under control.

It takes awhile.

To have the length and the density to hold the shape at that length, I'd estimate a good year to 18 months.


Then you have awesome beard genetics and your dreams of a Leonidas beard shall not be denied!

Also, it probably improves or hides your maxilla.

I dont know what a maxilla is or why its important, because I refuse to look it up.


Been a week since I posted here first.
Here is a progress picture, just got outta the shower, a nice clean beard picture.
REALLY need to grow in the mustache, I shouldn't have shaved it in the first place, it's the slowest growing part of my facial hair... Hopefully in a month it will be thick enough to cover my skin.