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Trying to get the balance right

Hi guys,
I’ve noticed there are a few boxers amongst the crowd here. Now im trying to make a compramise. I wanna lose some stuborn fat (the pouch under my belly buton and my love handles) but at the same time i wanna have good workouts as I train in Kick and Thai boxingand compete too.
I have been trying the T Dawg diet. Good results really but sometimes i feel too drained to give it my 100% when training. I dont know whether i should increase my carbs or calories or what. It seems to lose fat you need to create a caloric defecit. Im estimating that mi having 500 less than what I need.
Well any advice is more than appreciated.

Low carb diet aren’t really the best diet for most athletes. You may want to look into JB’s “Don’t Diet Diet”