Trying to Get Strong

Hey. I’m a 24 year old bench press guy from Sweden, trying to get strong.

The most I’ve done on a meet is 396, weighing in at 169.4. Competing in the IPF so all natural.

Gonna start logging workouts from sunday onwards, as I’m gonna try to hit a new training PR. We’ll see how it goes, would love to hit 440 soon. I THINK I can do somewhere around 420 paused atm.

Well, guess I’ll also log todays workout!

Started out with chinups, paused at top. Managed 13.

Then I supersetted some biceps stuff.

Then I did slow bench as well as some other generic priming exercises for bench. Now rest until sunday!

Todays workout:

Paused bench:

Barbell tricepsextensions followed by pullups:
44x10 + 6
44x10 + 5
44x30 + 3
66x12 + 3