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Trying to Get Strong Again

I will be training for strongman comps, problem is my overhead is really bad. Before injuries I was a decent powerlifter, Squat: 775 Bench: 465 Deadlift:675
Today’s training session:
BB seated Shoulder Press (from bottom position off pins) 95x8,135x6,155x3,175x1,165x1,155x1
BB Seated Shoulder Press ( started from full extension) 135x3,145x3
Log clean and press: 140x5,145x4,150x3,155x2,185x1

Deadlifts: 135x5,225x4,315x3,405x2,475x1,315x10
Zerchers: 220x6x2sets
GM’s: 220x6x3sets

Axle Overhead Press: 2 warmup sets, 120x5,135x5,155x5
BB Front Raises: 45x8x3
Power Cleans: 135x8x3

Deadlifts: 225x5,285x5,315x5,355x5,405x5
GM’s: 225x10x3
DB Decending Lunges: 25x8x3

Log Press: 90x5,105x5,125x3,145x3,165x3
DB Lying Extensions: 50x8x8x6
Pulldowns: 6x3
Working overtime is killing my training, always cutting things short lately

Axle Deadlifts: 175x5,265x5,330x5,380x5,425x5
GM’s: 225x10x3
DB Drop Lunges: 25x8x3
Leg raises with 80lb of chains on ankles: 12,10,8

Axle Overhead Press: 95x5,110x5,135x5,155x3,175x1
DB Extensions: 40x8x8x6
DB Hammer Curls: 35x12x10x8
Side Laterals: 35x12x3sets

Squats: 135x5,225x5,315x5,390x2
Box Squats: 315x3x8sets
BB Lunges: 165x8x2sets
AB Pulldowns