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Trying to get Skrong

What’s up fellas. Been a member for awhile but have never posted. Got tired of keeping up with a pen and paper training log, and figured why not start a log where I can get feedback from folks smarter and stronger than me.
Background: 6 ft 5 in tall, 255 lbs at the moment. Former college baseball player that finished ~3 years ago. Playing time ended with Tommy John surgery about halfway through my senior year. Spent the next year rehabbing my elbow and doing what lifting I could. For the past 2 years, have trained in a mostly conjugate style, and that’s what I plan on continuing with. The first year of real training was spent getting back to previous strength levels while keeping elbow healthy. This past year I was able to finally start really getting after it as elbow is fully healed. Lifetime best lifts are S: 385 B:250 D: 485 all tested over a year and ~30 pounds ago. Not sure what they are now, but have no plans to test in the near future as I’ve been in a “groove” with training recently
My goals are to just be stronger, bigger, and more athletic. All input is welcome fellas and ladies!

IIFirst training day was ME lower this morning, unfortunately my first log post was a workout I
had to get done quickly due to prior commitments.

ME Lower:
1 (3in) block deadlift 1 RM: 545
Zercher good morning 5x5: Worked up to a top set of 275 on my 5th set.
GHD Leg curls: 4 sets of 6 BW + 20 lbs

My GPP for the day was a Snatch Grip RDL with an average band attached behind me and pulling my hips backwards. I used 135 on the bar for 4 sets of 20 done with as little rest as possible.

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Jan 7 2018:

Extra Workout: All supersets with ~15 sec rest between each exercise

1A. Bat wings: 25 lb DB 5x5 w/ 5 sec hold at top of each rep
1B: DB Decline Press: 60 lb 4 sets of 15 reps

2A. Straight Leg, Arched back good morning: 95 lbs 4x10
2B: GHD Leg curls: BW only 4x10

3A: Sit ups over med ball on bench (aka Louie sit-ups): 25 lb plate 4x15
3B: Seated KB shrug with 1 sec squeeze hold: 80 lb KB 4x15

4: Supine Psoas March with red hip circle: 2x10 each leg

Good extra workout this morning. Kept the pace up and did entire workout in ~45 mins including set up time. Upper back feeling it, Lower back nice pump, Abs and hammies destroyed. + some pressing volume that doesn’t seem like much but adds up. DE bench coming tomorrow P.M.


Jan 8 2018

Due to the fact that I am naturally tall and thin (especially in upper body) as you can see in video above, I don’t often do a true dynamic bench. I will do a 3 week wave periodically, but as the great Dave Tate says “you can’t flex bone”. Therefore 90% of these days for me are Louie’s 6x6, 8x8, 10x10 recommendation he has written and talked about about. Basically you take an illegal wide grip (very weak grip for me) and do 6 sets of 6 at one weight, progress 5 lbs every week until it gets hard, then drop weight and do 8x8. You continue as normal, eventually dropping to 10x10, and then starting over at 6x6. Eventually, you’re doing 8x8 and 10x10 with weight you were originally doing 6x6 with.

DE/RE Upper:

Warm-up: DB flat Bench 60 lbs 4x15 superset with snatch grip upright row 75 lbs 4x15

Illegal wide Bench 8x8: 175 lbs ~1:15 rest
Rack lockouts 5x5: 135 lbs plus doubled monster minis
Wide grip pull ups with band assist 4x12/ 35 lb KB skull crusher 4x15
Elbows out cable row 4x12 with slooooow eccentric/ 35 lb KB JM press

Short, sweet, time to eat.


Jan 9 2018

DE Lower

Warm-up: Rear delt fly 20 lbs 4x15/DB OHP 45 lbs 4x15
Round back good morning 4x10 @ 95, 115, 135, 135

Main workout:
Box squat (This wave is extra wide to a 12 in box with 2 in foam on top): 205(~50%) + 80 lbs in chain 5 sets of 5 reps with 1 min rest intervals .

2 sec pause free squat: 5x3 up to 315 top set

Speed snatch grip deadlift 8x2 @ 255 lbs superset with GHD Leg curls 8x8 holding 10 lb weight

Slow rep(3:0:3) good morning with average band pulling hips backwards: 75lbs for 1 set to failure (35 reps)

I normally use a little more chain(~100 lbs) but someone in the gym was already using a pair. Need to bring my own in the future. Nevertheless, good workout today. The SGDL/GHD Leg curls hit the posterior chain hard (should have used about 300 on deads but was being cautious bc of superset with the GHD) and then the good mornings at the end were brutal plus had me sucking air even with such light weight.

The high volume “warm-up” beforehand is something i picked up from Matt Wenning. Fatigues you a little but great way to get volume in for weak points that I don’t always attack with the best intensity at the end of a workout. Because of this log, I noticed I have really been slacking on the ab work. That’s something that will go into that warm-up from here on out bc i really need it. I’m so long torso’d my trunk often gives out way before my legs during heavy squats.


Jan 10 2018

Extra workout: (At home tonight)

Accumulate 50 total reps of pull-ups as fast as possible. Switch grips every set (Pronated, neutral, supinated). Whenever I dropped from the bar, 5 ab wheel rollouts. Took me 12 sets to get there. I suck at pull-ups.

100 reps tricep band Pushdown.

ME upper tomorrow p.m. Either going to close grip or slingshot bench a 3 RM. We’ll see what I feel like doing.


Jan 11 2018

Warm-up: DB incline press 50 lbs 4x15 superset with incline bat wings 25 lbs 4x5 w/ 5 sec hold
Standing average band abs 5x10

ME Upper:

Close grip bench (index fingers touching smooth in center of bar): 250 lbs x 3 (15 lb PR for this grip)

Barbell JM press with hip circle around elbows: 115 5x10 touching nose every rep. Superset with:
Monster mini elbows out row: 5x10 W/ 2 sec squeeze hold

Neutral grip low cable row: 5x10 210 lbs superset with DB rollbacks 30 lbs 5x10 3 sec eccentric

Incline EZ bar French press: 10s on each side 2 sets to failure

Monster mini band pull apart with supinated grip: 4x20


Jan 12 2018

No workout today. Out of town duck hunting. However, probably walked 2 miles in the water with heavy, frozen waders on. And had to drag the 4 wheeler around a little when it would get stuck, so I’m counting it as some GPP. Killed a bunch of ducks so it was worth it.


Jan 14 2018

Extra Workout

Since I missed ME lower this week on my hunting trip, went a little heavier on my lower body stuff today. All supersets

1A. DB Decline press 65 lbs 4x15
1B. Batwings 5x5 5 sec hold 25 lb KB

2A. Goodmorning barx10, 95 lbs x10, 135x10, 165x10, 185x10, 185x10, 205x10
2B. Standing KB shrug 80 lbs x 10 after every goodmorning set

3A. 45 degree back extensions 6x15 body weight only
3B. Hanging leg raises to forehead level 3x10/ab rollouts with pause at bottom 4x5

Jan 15 2018

Warm-up: DB OHP 50 lbs 4x15/Seated DB shrugs 50 lbs 4x15
Standing average band abs 4x10

DE Upper

Illegal wide bench: 180 lbs 8 sets of 8 reps
JM press: 115 2x10, 75 lbs 3x15/ Pull ups with paused dead hang 5x5
Neutral grip lat pulldown 165 lbs 3x10/DB French press 55 lbs 3x15

Had to get a quick one in tonight because work went late. Just did the most important stuff. Also decided to move ME lower day to tomorrow because it fits better with work schedule.


Jan 16 2018

Warm-up: DB incline press 55 lbs 4x15/Rear delt fly 20 lbs 4x15
Goodmorning: barx10, 95x10, 135x10

ME Upper

Parallel box squat + 80 lbs in chains 3RM: 135x5, added chain, 135x5, 185x5, 225x3, 275x3, 295x3, 315x3, 335x3 (PR) video below

Zercher good morning 165x5, 185x5, 205x5, 225x5, 255x5 (PR)

GHD leg curls BW + 10 lbs x6, + 15 lbs x6, + 20 lbs x6, + 25 lbs x 6 (PR)

Ab rollouts 10 sets of 5

As you can see in the video, my knees shoot forward a little on the descent to the box. This makes the box slightly above parallel or right at parallel, when it’s not if I keep a vertical shin. While this isn’t terrible form since I’m a raw squatter, it’s something I need to clean up when I’m using a box so I get the full benefit of using the box. Also need to clean up the funky thing I’m doing with my elbows when I’m coming off the box, and drive them forward and up rather than up and back. I’ll get that fixed, but otherwise pleased with today. Not a true max if form doesn’t break a little anyway. Btw, Zercher good mornings suck!


Jan 18 2018

Warm up: Flat DB 65 lbs 4x15/Seated DB shrug 65 lbs 4x15
Average band vogel pulls 3x10/average band oblique crunches 3x10

ME Upper

Slingshot bench (pinky on ring) 3RM: bar, 95, 135, 155, 185, 205, 225, added slingshot, 225x3, 245x3, 265x3, 285x3

Paused CG Bench ( 1/2 thumb on smooth): 185x3, 205x3, 225x3, 240x3 (PR)

DB Row 90 lbs 4x10
Superset with DB French press 65x10, 70x10, 75x10, 75x10

Cable elbows out rows 5x15
Superset with cable upright rows 5x15 (dropped weight each set to stay ~15 reps)

Cross body cable tricep extension: went until I couldn’t do 10 reps in a set keeping reps between 10-15 @ 35 lbs

First time using a slingshot today so didn’t have a PR to break for it today. Attempting to use it as a substitute for Reverse band benching, because it’s not an option at my gym. If anyone has any insight or experience tips would be GREATLY appreciated. Felt a little awkward but I’m sure just using it more will help that. Excited about the paused close grip PR.


Jan 20 2018

DE Lower

Box squat: Bar x 5, 95x5, 135x5, added 80 lbs chain, 135x5, 185x5, 225x3x5, 245x2x2, 265x2x2, 275x2

Good morning off pins 225x5x10

Ukrainian deadlift 4x20

Did a CrossFit WOD with my wife before this session so after squats kept it light and didn’t do much.

Jan 22 2018

Warm up

Vogel pulls average band 5x15/Batwings incline bench 35 KB 5x15

DE bench

Illegal wide Bench 185 lbs 8x8

Barbell pullover extensions 95 lbs 4x10/Barbell upright row 95 lbs 4x10

Snatch grip shrugs w/ 1 sec hold at top 135x25, x15, x15

Incline KB tricep extensions 25 lbs 4x15/Prone elbows out row 55 lb KB 4x15

Behind the neck lat pulldown 90 lbs x15 reps then switched to front pulldowns x15 reps- did this 4 times


Jan 23 2018

Warm up

DB incline bench 60 lbs 4x15/elbows out row 35 lb DB 4x15
Good morning barx10, 95lbsx10, 135x10

ME Lower

Concentric good morning off pins 3RM: 135x3, 185x3, 225x3, 275x3, 315x3, 345x3

Paused back squat 185x3, 225x3, 275x3, 315x1, 335x3 (PR)

Snatch grip RDL with average band pulling hips back 225 lbs x10, x10, 135x20 slow eccentric

45 hyper 135 lbs x5 with 5 sec iso hold then 10 reps then 15 bodyweight reps/Med ball abs + 40 lbs x 10 (did this superset 4 times)

Lying/seated monster mini band hamstring curl 2x25 each/med ball abs 4x10 bodyweight only


How does that illegal wide bench feel on the shoulders?! I am the same height as you and if I even go to max legal width my shoulders yell at me the following day.

Man if I’m not careful with it mine will too. As long as I’m diligent about including lots of upper back, rear delt, and some bicep tendon (shoulder part) prehab they don’t give me too much trouble.

The biggest thing for me with it is my set up. If I keep my shoulder blades retracted and packed down and a good arch- and focus on that every single rep, I’m golden. If I don’t, it doesn’t matter what prehab I do they’ll get cranky.

It’s been worth it for me though, as I’ve gotten a lot of reward on my regular bench from cycling it weekly for the past few months.
Hope that helps!


Feb 1 2018

Hunted for a few days and then had the flu so haven’t posted in a few days.

Warm up:
Incline DB press 65 4x15/Bat wings 35 DB 5x5 3 sec squeeze

ME Upper

Pin press ~2 inches above chest: barx10, 95x10, 135x5, 155x5, 175x3, 185x3, 205x3, 225x3, 250x3 (PR)

Paused close grip bench: 155x5, 175x5, 185x5, 205x5, 225x5 (PR) paused the last rep a good 5 seconds

Elbows out extensions: 35 lb dbs x a crap ton

Still feeling pretty bad and have to be on my feet all day as I’m a physical therapist (pretty tired already when I went to lift) so didn’t do much for accessory work today. Pretty much drained after the pin presses. Lost a few pounds while I was sick but still managed to set 2 PR’s with more in the tank today so I’m pretty dang happy. Really striving to bench 3 this year.

Feb 5 2018

Warm-up: Average band rows 4x10/mini band pull apart 4x15

DE Upper

Illegal wide Bench: barx15, 95x10, 135x10, 155x5, 165x10x10

Giant set (no rest between anything): JM press x10-15/Bent over KB Row 90lbs x10, lateral raise 35x10

Did this giant set quite a few times. Started JM presses at 135 lbs and when I couldn’t get 10 reps would drop weight. Then finished off with empty bar to failure. This weeks 10x10 weight was what I started my 6x6 with a few months ago when I started this volume wave. So that was pretty cool.
Will do better about posting regularly this week been a crazy week or 2. ME Lower tomorrow. I’ll decide what I wanna do in the morning.


Feb 6 2018

Warm up
Good morning average band x20, x20, barx10, 95x10, 135x10, 155x10

ME Lower

Front squat to 1RM: 135x5, 135x3, 185x3, 225x2, 275x1, 305x1 (Not a PR)

Snatch grip dead 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 275x5, 315x5, 365x5

Superset: GHD leg curl + 10 lbs x6/Goof morning 135 lbs x 6. Did this 5 times

Ab rollouts with 95 lb bar 5x5

No PR for me today. My previous best was 325 but wasn’t there today. Once again, my trunk (abs/obliques/erectors) were the first to go on this max attempt. On a positive note, the 305 was a strain from hell which is the most important thing anyway. Part of why I love conjugate is it always exposes you if you don’t stay in your comfort zone. Today I got exposed. Haven’t front squatted in probably 2 months and my trunk/quads were not ready to handle any weight. Part of this is because I’ve been so focused on bringing my back/hammies up since they translate to back squatting more, but in reality this is mostly because I’ve neglected quad and heavy ab work i.e poor application of the system. To remedy this, front squatting will be rotated in bi weekly as a secondary movement till I rotate back to it as a max effort. I don’t necessarily care about my front squat numbers, but there’s a reason I’m weak at it, and those reasons need to be made strong to bring other lifts up. Besides that, I hate feeling like a b****, and I felt like one today so gonna fix the problem. Snatch grip deads will make frequent appearances as well bc my upper back is sh**.