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Trying to Get Serious. Advice?


I'm 18, 6'0, and about 30% body fat. I've started to lift heavy in the 8th grade and i lifted pretty consistently up through the first have of my junior year. I started to hang out with more people and started staying out till 1 or 2 in the morning. Now that i am in college Im not around all my friends so i do more of chilling at my place than going out. I would like to lose the fat that i stored when i quit working out and just went from 225 decently built to 260 and really fat.

My max before i quit were

I want to lose the weight but I would also like to keep some of the strength that i managed to maintain and I no longer have access to a weight bench but i have a set of dumbells and a olympic barbell with 400 pounds of weight any suggestions for programs that i could try or just any advice in general would be gratefully appreciated.


do you have a squat rack, or can you get one?


I don't have one and I really don't have the extra funds at the moment


well, you can continue to deadlift, and you can do cleans and all of the variations that stem from it.

you can clean the barbell into place and do front squats and ohp.

you can do floor presses with the db's.

you can also goblet squat with the db's.

it'll be hard enough to keep up your strength doing the actual bench and back squat movements without being able to actually do them, nevermind while being on a cut.

from my personal experience, all I can tell you is that you can still somewhat maintain 1RM strength on some movements while on a cut. however, your muscle endurance for higher rep work at higher working weights might suffer.


I would certainly concur with this from my own experirnce over the last 6 weeks--low carb/high protein fat loss approach, strength stayed ok but i ran out of gas really easily.


another bit of advice:

if your goal is fat loss, eat and train for it, with special emphasis on eating for it. don't try to gain mass and lose fat at the same time because the diets for each goal are contradictory to the other. meaning, it will be difficult to gain muscle while on a caloric deficit to lose fat.

if you decide on doing intense weighted complexes for fat loss (which would not be a horrible idea given the lack of equipment), don't be surprised if later on you see that you aren't as big as you thought you were.


I was not really worried about strength in way of lifts but being able to help a friend move a couch and not be straining.

i Iwas actually thinking maybe complexes mon wed fri and a bodyweight workout tue and thur or would that be to much
as far as diet im not worried im not big on junk foods or sweets my biggest think is sodas which i plan on giving up anyway


and thanks for the advice


well, after 16 weeks of complexes 3-4x/week for half an hour a session plus loaded carries for another 15 minutes after two of those sessions, plus SSC for 45-60 minutes later in the day 2-3x/week, my conditioning went through the roof.


occasionally I will walk five blocks from the parking garage to work if I miss the shuttle. the last block is maybe 50-75 yards at an incline about 30* or so. walking the whole distance at full speed (a bit over 4mph as per the treadmill) before I went on my cut, I'd be huffing and puffing up the hill and as I took the elevator up to my floor, and I'd be sweating buckets. by the end of the cut, breathing through my nose kept me oxygenated enough, I wasn't winded anymore, and I'd feel slightly warm instead of sweating buckets.

I would invest in a foam roller (they're cheap, about $50 for a big one) if you're going with weighted complexes that often. my IT bands, glutes and groin really, really hated me every day.

I would also do a lot of research on just how many calories are enough for you on this routine.


alright i will look into getting a foam roller. When i first started at the college i would have to park all the way across campus i would be out of breath and sweating by the time i got to class but it doesnt bother me much anymore


another thing, treating those bodyweight workouts on Tuesdays/Thursdays as recovery days just to get some blood flow through the target areas and maintain or improve mobility might be a better idea than using them as progression days. meaning, if you do a complex on Monday that includes a lot of squatting volume, that Tuesday you might do a bunch of bodyweight squats to get blood flowing through the area and do some stretching and foam rolling.

or, you could do some "lighter" training via steady state cardio on the days you're not doing complexes. however, you'll have to figure out what works for you.


Well, about 90% of your fat loss success will be determined by one thing...I'll give you a hint, you didn't mention it or even refer to it in your OP.


what would you suggest as far as diet goes. I usually only eat twice a day for dinner i usually eat late 7 or 8 and i eat a very healthy size portion. that usually consists of a meat i eat a lot of chicken and of course some sort of vegetable or a salad and breakfast is normally 3 or 4 scrambled eggs


The way you described that doesn't sound like its even enough to support someone who isn't working out. Unless of course your dinner is ridiculously huge and you're underestimating. And what you're currently doing isn't optimal, I'd suggest eating more meals and actually using a meal calculator to figure out your needs.


could i just keeping doing what im doing for a cut or would i need to make changes for that to


like I said, you need to do a lot of research for the appropriate diet. that will be significantly more important than your training.

I can't help you there as my diet on my last cut was horrible and way under what I should've been eating.


Do some research on diet as others have said. Learning what goes in your body, like your macro intakes and caloric intake will help you achieve a certain goal weight.The most important thing is your diet. You don't even have to do cardio to lose all that fat. Lifting and a good diet will help you get to a decently lean physique. Now if you're looking for that six pack when your goals have reached then, cardio awayyyyy.
Also some last words of advice on diet. You'll have to mess around with what you eat sometimes to see how your body responds to it. And don't jump onto a diet right away, ease into it so your body can adapt.


Is there not a gym on your college campus?

If you are eating what you say you're eating and have gained that much weight there is something wrong with your metabolism. Srs.

More likely... you are taking in more food than you realize.

I suggest accurately tracking your intake in an appropriate program for one week. Then you will know what you are really eating and can get advice accordingly.

A cut is a diet. You need to know what yyour diet REALLY is now.