Trying To Get On TRT, Endo Issues

Hey guys,

This is my first post, and I would like some opinions. Sorry about my faulty english but It’s not my native language.

A brief introduction, I am 28 y/o, father of two child, happly married, don’t plan having more kids, wife is okay with that.

Played a bit in powerlifting and strongman when from 18y/o until 23y/o, after that, became a dad (twins) and had to stop training due to life/work situations.

Did a couple of AAS cycles back then, had massive gains and kept much with proper PCT. I weighed around 250lbs around 15% BF.

Fast foward, got back into lifting about year and a half ago and things are going pretty well but I always felt like recovery was slow as fuck, and I couldn’t push as hard as I did when I was younger.

It’s not like I feel like shit all the time (altough I don’t give a fuck how I feel when It comes to lifting weights, just lift that SOB), but I could not push my workouts nowhere as near when I was younger. Anyway, by december’s last year I went to my doc and asked for some bloodwork. No surprise, test came low.

T Level (ng/dL): >150
Free test (pg/mL ) at 11
Higher than normal Estradiol levels

I never had much facial and body hair, I developed some gyno at young age (way before my contact with AAS), got some abdominal fat after stopped training (even with a clean diet), you know, to me all signs of low test.

So, after talking to my GP, he asked me to go to an Endocrinologist, since i was not his area. Endo says OK for legally prescribed TRT but need some more tests, including repeating free and total test, progesterone, prolacin, GH, IGF1 and so on.

Thing is, 12 weeks ago, I said FUCK IT, and started a cycle (and boy it was worth it):

1-12 Test E 500mg/EW
1-6 Dbol 40mg ED

I am around 225lbs at 12-15% BF. Feeling fucking fantastic.

Finished my last shot a week ago, and I was wondering what would be the best time to get this bloodwork. There is no rush to do the bloodwork, so I was thinking waiting 4-6 weeks, and not doing PCT (I know I know, i’ll feel like shit’n loose ma gainz) would be OK to test for natty low testosterone. After getting bloodwork done, hop back on Test E 100mg EW, until doc prescribes pharma grade stuff.

Just to make clear, I don’t mind being on TRT for the rest of my life. I fully understand the impact of this decision and accept all the issues that I may have in the future because of it. But having higher testosterone levels make me happier, more motivated and in a better mood.

Sorry for the wall of text. Can someone help me out?


I don’t think you’ll make it 6 weeks w/o pct. After 14-21 days you will likely feel like shit

You would probably test low after three weeks, but you might not. Six weeks would get it all out.

Thank you gor your answers. Will wait 6 weeks and get bloodwork done. Will give you feedback later!

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Did you ever get thyroid hormones tested?
Do you use iodized salt?
Does your wife feel cold easily?

Best to post all labs with lab ranges. There is often more to see past T tunnel vision.