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Trying to Get Leaner

About 6 months ago I started a heavy Protein Diet, in addition I started heavy weight and resistance training. While my arms got leaner and more fit, sufficed to say it’s done little for my abs. I work out 2.5 to 3 hours Leg lifts and squats Tues, Thurs and Saturday. And Monday Wens, Friday are weight days. I need to know what I can do to Help the lower stomach burn and Flatten a bit quicker. My Diet consist of Protein 6 times a day little to no cabs. no sugars, an no soda.

About how many grams of protein, carbs, and fat do you intake?

carbs is about 2 cups of steel cut oats… Protien is uualy 3 eggs lean chicken lean pork… I am not sure on fat

Is this one meal and you eat that 6 times a day or are these the foods you only eat?

These are meals I space through the day. I eat Steal Cut Oats Breakfast, Then 2 hours later a Soy Free Protein shake, Then at lunch Is lean chicken or pork, Then Mid Afternoon A banana with peanut butter, Then later a small salad with some protein. One more shake… Then 12-14 hour fast till breakfast.

What are weight days and do you do abdominal exercises at all?

Yes on weight days, each exercise I do I make sure I have some kind of Abdominal Tightening function to it. I try to focus on my chest and stomach. Much on the sides I use a double handed and single handed Kettle Bell swing. Weight days I vary the weight and even on the EZ curl bar I focus on bracing my abs for each rep

Alrighty then…

How about we start with exactly what went into your mouth yesterday (food and drink only).

From there, how close to a typical day is that and how often do you “slip” - including Saturday night with friends drinking.

How much youre sleeping would also help.

Am I reading this right, do you workout for 2.5-3 hours every day?

Alright starting at 0800 I got out of bed, I got on the Elpiticle for 30 minutes. I at around 9am and it was 3 eggs and a bowl of Steel cut oats. To drink was a glass of milk. Around 11 Protein Shake did the grass cutting came in had 32 oz of water then had a salad with skinless chicken. Had PowerAid and some cottage cheese around 2-3 O’clock. i did my work out during the afternoon followed by a second protein shake. Supper was a hambuger no seasoning and rice. Once supper ended at 6 I did not eat till this morning. I do not slip ofter if I do it will be a hand full of crackers or maybe pretzels. I do not consume Alcohol or soda. It is power aide, water or a protein shake. and sleep is 7-8 hrs a night

Yes I am very maticulous about my work outs and my routine, I try to keep a very strict uniformed workout routine. I am not sure if it is to much to little or if I am over doing it but I feel really good. I do keep my water weight down by water pill. But yes 2.5 3 hours

Really? I can’t imagine squatting for 2.5-3 hours with any kind of intensity.

More intensity, less time will help considerably.

I also didn’t notice much in the way of fruit and veg in your diet.

Something seems very off in this thread

Is this person male or female and what psychological disorders do they suffer

So you think lessening the Amount of Rep sets and condencing them into a more focused set will help ? Fruits usually a banana or apple or blue berries. Vegietables Steamed Broccoli, or Steamed Carrots, and occasionaly Red pepper.

Everything about this seems off. First you need to pick a variation of 5/3/1 you like. Second look up the simple diet on here. Stick with that for a while. Everything about what you are doing seems off. I know you think its what you are suppose to do but its not. Your workouts are too long, you get most of your protein on dairy foods instead of meat, it does not appear you eat close to enough to justify 3 hour workouts, no fruits and veggies on than a salad. Looks like you are doing everything on the extreme ends of the scale. A lot of people do that.

So work smarter not harder, and Increase the Dairy intake. That is easilly done. More Fruit and Veggies and break down the work out so its not excessive. That sounds like a better plan. I went into this flying blind and jumped in with both feet.

I didn’t mention were I had started cause frankly I am not as eloquent at my Description so here goes. 1 Year ago I was the heaviest I have ever been weighing in at 269 pounds. Sufficed to say my size 15 1/2 -16 dress shirts no longer fit having to go to 18’s. Pants went from38’s to 44’s. I decided on my own to change my life. I dieted Cut soda all together. I started taking a Thermogenic suppliment. I started a Testosterone Booster as well. As well as water pill and Zinc. I went from 269 down to 234 then As of my doctors appointment in May 200. Waist size has dropped down to 38 and recently found I am almost in a size 36 pant. My Dress shirts have returned to a 16 with old ward robe starting to return. However I still have “fat pockets” that I am displeased with.

Decrease the dairy. Really just try to stay away from it.

That can be pretty easy, I do try using a Vinegar Dressing instead of a Ranch dressing. So no dairy.

I think giving you specific guidance on how to up the intensity without knowing what you’re currently doing is not sensible. My general guidance would be that if you can do it for 2 hours, your choices are not forcing you to work hard enough.

I’d probably add a bit of variety in here, but it’s a far lower priority than intensity in your exercise.