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Trying to get lean and fit

Since i’ve been lifting for aprox 6 months and build some newbie gainz with 5x5, i want to give 5-3-1 a try to see how it goes.

I’ll start by using as 1 RM weights i have already lifted for 2/3 reps so i know i will start slow and build up from there

Currently im sitting at 100kg BW - will try to clean up my meals and see if i can get a little bit leaner but eating enough to have energy for my workouts. I think 85-90kg would be very good for me but i’m not crazy about it right now

Squat - 145kg
Deadlift - 140kg
Bench press - 105kg
OHP - 75kg

Still trying to figure out which accessory template i will use, probably BBB or FSL, i’ll re-read the book this weekend and see which one i found most appealing and try it.

Now for my goals:

Squat - 180kg
Deadlift - 200kg
Bench press - maybe 140kg
OHP - BW at least

i know it’s gonna be a long journey but i have been consistent with my training and i believe this plan will help me to achieve my goals


So 90% of those will be your training max, right?

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That`s right,90% of my 1rm will be my training max as stated in the book

Good. A ton of people mess that up. You may find even 85% works better. I used that for my squat and it’s been by most progressed lift of all four.

I`ll definitely try it! I want to start as slow as possible so i can work on my form as well

I plan to start 5/3/1 for the first time soon too, except my numbers are much lower, so this will be an interesting log to follow.
I hope it goes well for you.

Good luck hope it goes well for you too! I’ve created a really simple excel sheet with a 5-3-1 template, only made 4 cycles but is really easy to keep adding them in different books, it’s the 4-day 5-3-1 using 85% of your 1 rm as training max, and also using the first set last variation. I’ve added joker sets too with 10/5 % jumps to use as a guideline if you feel like adding them to any particular training day you feel good.

I’ll leave you the link if you want to download it and check it out: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw_joLqcjV7zNVl2VTh0bUhVVUk/view

Just a few things to mention so you know:

In the 1st cycle book, just change the 1RM numbers, these are in kilograms so for the next cycles in the new 1RM you have to change the increases of 5 and 2,5 kilos to 10 and 5 pounds. i think this should work just as fine both for kg and lb :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll start with this program tomorrow so i’m going to try to keep this updated,

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That’s great thanks for sharing it with me, I was considering doing the same thing once I get excel in a few weeks but probably wouldn’t be able to do a very good job. I’m planning to run just basic 5/3/1 with sst assistance to start with and I’m from the UK so I use kg anyway.
Thanks again.

Well first day of the program…squats…they went easy just because the weight was really low, felt some tightness in my hips at the bottom of the movement so could’ve been better but nvm

warmup empty bar x10
30kg x 10
50kg x 5
60kg x 5
first set 75kg x 5
2nd set 86kg x 5
3rd set 97.5kgx 10
FSL 5 sets of 8 reps @ 75kg

this i believe was the last set of the fsl(forgot to video the 3rd set):



W1 C1 D2

Bench press day:

Warmup Empty Bar x10 reps Warmup supersetted with face pulls 5 sets of 10 reps
30kg x10 reps
40kg x 5 reps
50kg x 5 reps
First set 55kg x 5 reps
2nd set 62,5kg x 5 reps
3rd set 72kg x 5+ (10 reps)
FSL 5 sets of 8 reps @ 55kg - went close grip to give triceps a little bit of extra work - Superset w/ dumbbell row 5 sets of 10 reps each arm
Joker set 1 80kg x 4 reps
Joker set 2 90kg x 1 rep
Joker set 3 100kg x 1rep

Just a thought, have you considered doing your joker sets before FSL? I generally only do jokers if I’m feeling great, so I hit them before FSL which I do week in week out.

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that sounds logical, will definitely try it next time see how it goes! thanks for the suggestion



Deadlift: i feel some tightness in my upper ass cheeks that is annoying me when i dl, trying to get somewhat of a decent form. other than that things went well finished the last set and left because i had a job interview.

Did some dynamic warmup and stretching before starting

Warmup: Empty bar 10 reps
60kg - 8 reps
First set: 70kg x5 reps
2nd set 80kg x 5 reps
3rd set 90kg x 10 reps

then run to change for my interview

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Looks like your hips are kind of high so you miss any real leg drive. Try pulling your shoulders behind the bar and dropping your hips more.

BTW generally once you let go of the bar the set is over. Good effort though.

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Yea, you need to work on your deadlift form some. Mine isn’t great either so I am not going to critique you but instead direct you to a video that helped me quite a bit.

Hope it helps!

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thanks markko and heretolog! i’ll try to lower my hips a little see how it feels, really appreciate your comments

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Last day of the first week! today it was ohp, was moving pretty nice went for some joker sets and struggled with 72,5kg so i called it for the day


Warmup- Empty bar 10 reps
30kg x 10 reps
35kg x 8 reps
Set 1 40kg x 5 reps
2nd set 47,5kg x 5 reps
3rd set 55kg x 10 reps
Joker set 1 60kg x 4 reps
Joker set 2 65kg x 1 rep
Joker set 3 70kg x 1 rep
Joker set 4 72,5kg x 1 rep
FSL 5sets of 8 reps @40kg

That ain’t bad bruh. Good start.

I save my joker sets for my 5/3/1 week and do FSL and BBB during 5’s and 3’s. Doing both might cause you some trouble. Just listen to your body and make changes as needed - one of the great things about 5/3/1 is the flexibility of assistance lifts.

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monday workout was shit, still a lot of tightness in my back when i go to the hole, did a good warmup(agile8) but it was still annoying af…just did the required reps of the 5-3-1

1st set 80kgx3reps
2nd set 91kg x3reps
3rd set 103kg x3reps

today bench day went a los better, weights felt pretty easy so i went into some jokers set, struggled with 107,5kg and failed 110kg so it was pretty nice today

60kg x 3reps
70kg x 3 reps
76,5kg x 8 reps
joker set 1 80kg x 5 reps
jokder set 2 85kg x 3
joker set 3 90kg x1
joker set 4 95kg x 1
jokder set 5 100kg x1
joker set 6 105kg x1
joker set 7 107,5kg x1
failed 110kg

maybe i should’ve went into bigger jumps of weight in the joker sets but i didn’t want to rush it so i increased 5kg per set to feel the weight. also did 5 sets of 10reps face pulls and 3 sets of lat pulldown during my warmup.

i had to leave the bench so i couldn’t do the fsl so i decided to do 3 sets of 10 reps with dumbbells(30kg each) supersetted with rows with the same dumbbells and that was it for today.

W1D3 Deadlifts, didn’t have a lot of time today so i warmed up, went straight into the 5-3-1 and since i got the 8 reps in the 3+ i decided to leave the gym

Set 1 77,5kg x 3 reps
Set 2 90kg x 3 reps
Set 3 100kg x 8 reps

did some light rows and lat pulldowns inbetween sets just to get some more work in the limited time i had