Trying to get it right ...

I am trying to get it right. When I started thinking right &
working out I realized I also needed to start eating right.

I thoroughly enjoy reading about it all here at T-Mag & I
like to see if maybe I could get some wisdom & knowledge
from the T-Gods. I read “The Missing Ingredient”
( Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION)
and the storm clouds cleared away, the sky began to
brighten, and the cheerleaders began to dance. Ok, maybe there
aren’t any cheerleaders, but dammit there should be.

Anyway, I need to get my ass in gear and start to keep a food
log. Seeing as how I spend over 40 hours a week in front of PC, I
began searching & for a book on nutritional
content of foods. I find that I have to wade through pages
& pages of rbooks without discovering which book suits me.

So now I cower before the T-Gods, wouldst thou grant me a small portion
of your awesome wisdom: Does anyone have a book that breaks down
foods into their macronutrient components? If so, could I have
the ISBN number on the back?

Oh T-Gods, might you annoint mine head with fish-oil from thy
outstretched right hand thats attached to the holy arm which can
preacher curl a cheerleader & her short pleated skirt … …
the holy arm that can smight thine enemies, namely FatAss & LardGut.

Well, in other words. Can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance.

Bumping this up, I too am very interested in a book that outlines nutritional value of common foods that remain a mystery to my such as apples and potatoes. I know they are healthy, but i don’t know the ratio’s they have.

I’ve never used one of these books. I read labels and use web sites for stuff that doesn’t have a label (meat, fruit etc.) Someone asked almost the same question in Reader Mail this week, so check there for the link I provided.

I have searched long and hard for the same resource you speak of and have not found it. All the printed materials I have found are pretty lame, not thorough enough (for my preference) and contain 99.9% “brand name” (i.e. TV Dinner, pre-packaged frozen & canned) foods. The best resource I have ever found is the USDA, they have a huge, FREE, searchable database that I’ve been using for about a year. You can find it here:

The whole database is also available for download (also free) in Access2000 format, if you are so inclined… but using it offline, you lose the nice search engine. You can specify different portions, cooked vs. uncooked values, and yes, there are name-brand foods, but I haven’t found any raw foods that aren’t listed. Happy searching!

Yah, the USDA online database is the coolest, but if you want a real book try Corinne T. Netzer’s “The Complete Book of Food Counts”, ISBN # 0440212715. Note that that ISBN # is for the 3rd edition, which came out in 1994, and there may be a newer edition out now.

I use a book called “Corrine T. Netzer’s Complete Guide to Food Counts” or something to that effect. It is a paperback book I got a few years back. It has info on basic foods as well as resturant/fast food chains too. Mine is the 4th edition, not sure if there is a 5th. - Matt

I just checked barnes and noble and they have the 5th edition for $6.99. - Matt

There is a book called “Total Nutrition” that I have which is a pretty good reference for food values, glycemic index and other nutrition information. The latest version just came out a few months ago. You can get it a Barnes and Noble it’s about 600 maybe 700 pages so it’s a thick book. You can’t miss it on the shelf.

The complete book of food counts the book counts cal,sodium,carb,protein,fat,cholesterol,and fiber. isbn number 038332433364 $5.62 american. Has every damn thing except burbon whiskey. Jim Beam. is what I use. Works pretty well!