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Trying to Get Down to 185 But Seem to Be Stalled

Im currently struggling at he moment. I was around 245lbs. dropped my calories to around 14-1500 calories a day with a cheat meal on saturdays and then sundays not bad but not great either. I got down to 198 and was stuck there for 2 months. I upped my weekly planned days to 16-1700 and dropped down to 195 but my macros where not right with major problem being protien only hitting 150-180grams a day. Im now at about 14-1600 a day with my protien at around 200 give or take a couple. And im back to hovering at 198-9lbs and my scale says im at 27.1% bodyfat. Im really trying to get down to 185 ish and less than 20%bf. I go to the gym 5-6 days a week mostly strength training. Also im 46 years old 6feet tall and im on trt 100mg a week test cyp that ive been on for anout a year now. I feel my dose needs to go up but will find out for sure at my next blood work in a little over a month.

I’m going to guess you have dropped your metabolism.

I need you to post more details and less fluff.

Less fluff, got it. workouts can vary but manly 1-1.5 hours a day
Sunday : back/bis
Monday: chest/tris
Tuesday: abs/ cardio
Wednesday: shoulders
Thursdays : legs
Friday: tris/chest
Saturdays off

Mon,tue,wed,fr 1 cup coffee every morning
7am plain oatmeal with pb2 and half scoop whey protien

9 am protien bar

11am 1.7 servings 93 or 99% lean ground turkey with .7 servings black beans cajun seasoning

330pm 2 scoop whey protien half cup milk/half water,pb2,creatine and an apple(pre workout)

6pm chicken or beef with veggie or mixed green salad dressing varies

If still low on protien will add a couple eggs or tuna

Thurdays vary cause im off from work so i can make my food fresh instead of prep

Saturday eat good till dinner time and have dinner out varies but i love pizza and then a dessert usually ice cream

Sunday breakfast we usually go out for. eggs,toast,coffee, corned beef hash the rest of the days busy so what ever i can get in usually dont hit protien numbers

Sleep is a problem 5-6 hours a night m,t,w,f and sat with one bathroom run at some point thurs,sunday days off i get 8-9 hours of sleep

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Any cardio?

For you, i would say eat more and include cardio. 30-45 min cardio at medium effort 120+ hr. Use the cardio to stay below maintenance but up the food intake. Also, how hard are you pushing the weights? Are you Richard Simmons or Ronnie Coleman on the weights?

I was walking a lot 2 plus miles a couple days a week but now with it getting dark earlier kind of tough getting out as often

How much more should i eat? Im currently at 1673 cal 124.4 carb 38.9 fat 217.7 protien. My strengths not what i used to be. I switch out pushing heavy and volume every couple weeks. Unable to flat bench due to messed up shoulder. Mainly incline barbell and dumbbell decline as it doesnt bother my shoulder as much. I could go heavier with legs. Im 46 and have been over weight for a few years. The 45 pounds ive lost have been over the past 11-12 months.

I think you are starving yourself and slowed your metabolism down. I would slowly go up to 2000-2400 kcal in days you do cardio and burn 500 each day when doing cardio. Your energy will suffer on a calorie restriction so dramatic. You have sent your body into survival mode.

Of course, the best advice is to hire a coach.


Thank you sir, I appreciate the feed back and will give that a shot.

Well individual circumstances vary (house, apt. Etc) but a lot of home cardio machines can be gotten for free on FB marketplace, Craig’s list, and such.

An increase and difference in activity level can give you some room to eat more and still burn some fat through activity and maintain a deficit.

Best of luck.

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I agree. Starting with that low calories is a way to destruction IMHO, cuz when plateau happens, and it will at some stage, there won’t be much left to deduct from. At that point you will need to drop the calories even lower or up the cardio. One way or another you’ll be burned out sooner then later, not even talking about your bw. Should find your maintenance calories and then do a slight deficit and manage from there. That is what I do and it works for me well. Wishing nothing but good luck in your journey!


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Calorie Rotation

You’re on the right trail. Rotating your caloric intake will enable you to continue lose weight, as you found out by increasing your intake and then dropping it.

Calorie Rotation is what Bodybuilder have used for decades, as a means of losing and gaining weight.


The MATADOR Study research reinforces what Bodybuilder have done for decades, Calorie Rotation.

The MATADOR Study found that your metabolism adapts to your calorie intake in about two weeks. That means for weight loss, you body adapts to you new lower calorie intake, you stop losing weight.

To jumps start you metabolism, increase you calorie intake for about two weeks. The following two weeks, drop it back down, as you did and you will experience some weight loss.

Caloric Variance

Research by Drs John Ivy and Layne Norton, independent of each other, determined that a calorie deficit of 20% works best for maximizing fat loss and minimizing muscle loss.

By the same toke, a 20% increase in caloric intake works best for maximizing muscle gain and minimizing fat gain.

Fat Loss for Powerlifting-Part 2, Cardio
Dr Layne Nortion, PhD Nutrition, Bodybuilder,Powerlifte

This also applies to weight loss, in general, for maintaining muscle mass and maximizing fat loss.

Cliff Notes: Cardio Is Never Good For Hypertrophy or Strength

  1. "…cardio is NEVER beneficial for optimal strength…

  2. “…modality of cardio matter…” .

a) “…walking or jogging was significantly worse than cycling on a bike for maintaining strength & hypertrophy when combined with weight training (1).”

b) “…cycling requires more hip flexion and multi-joint activation of muscles involved in exercises like squats and leg presses…”

c) "…rowers who added high intensity resistance training (with rows) to their protocol had similar strength and hypertrophy gains compared to a group of non-rowers who followed the same resistance training protocol (3).

d) “…use cardio equipment that most closely mimics movements performed during resistance training.”

e)"…the longer the bout of cardio…, the greater the impairment of strength and hypertrophy.

f) “…short, high intensity bouts of cardio like repeated sprinting actually had no negative impact on strength and hypertrophy…”

g) "…intensity cardio better for strength and hypertrophy, it was also superior for fat loss

h) "…4-6 30 second sprints were superior for fat loss than an hour of incline treadmill walking (4)!

Cardio Take Home:

a) Best case: No cardio

b) Slightly worse: high intensity cardio using fast lifting or sprints/cycling or possible weighted cardio like sled drags

c) Worst case: Long, slow cardio with no hip flexion.


  1. Calories Count: As you know, weight loss is all about the number of calories you consume.

  2. Calorie Rotation: To continue to lose weight, rotate your calorie intake about every two weeks. This ensure your metabolism does not adapt.

Dr Layne Norton did a couple of good podcast on this. Norton referred to it as “Reverse Dieting”; decreasing your caloric intake then increasing your calorie intake. Going back and forth between the two.

Kenny Croxdale

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The goal here is fat loss. Unless I missed it, I don’t see a concern for retention of muscle or strength. In fact, I’m guessing he doesn’t have any with such a calorie restriction.

Definitely trying to get body fat down. Would like to retain and possibly add some muscle definition. Not looking to be big

Im sure it’s far from accurate but my scale numbers say (taken this past thursday)
198 lbs
3.5 bone
27.1 fat
35.8 muscle
49.4 water

Okay, you need to start eating. You are definitely losing muscle mass with your cut. As the previous guy also said, you need to up your calories to get your metabolism going again. Increase your workout effort.

I do cycling for straight cardio. Outdoors, spinbike… i used to do title boxing, which is a bunch of punches and kicks on a heavybag mixed with burpes, push-ups, mountain climbers, and core work. I include the elliptical now, I hate it, but the goal is to burn my last little bit of fat, so whatever it takes. I’ve sacrificed some strength and muscle in the process.

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Yesterday eating was kind of all over the place. Only hit about 1800 cal yesterday i did better and got a quick tri/chest workout which felt good going less reps higher weight than usual. Here are todays numbers.

get off the bro split and run through programs off this site.


or if really want to crank it up, this…

I literally have 45 - 70 min m,t,w,f and more free time on thur, sunday. The gym i go to has minimal equipment one machine, dumbells and barbells and id guess youd call the crossfit racks, a couple treadmills, rowing maching and ellipticals and plenty of rock climbing walls. So on busy times i am even more limited for free space

@IronOne when reading studies goes wrong. Lol.