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Trying to Get Back Into It, Seeking Advice


This is hard to agree with if you’re not going to be a pro athlete in a sport that actually pays

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I’m not talkin a huge career change, although thats what I did and it wasn’t to accomodate pro sports. I think making a career change for work/life balance, so you can enjoy life and get more of what you enjoy is always a good idea.

Speaking from personal experience, I used to work long hours in gym membership sales and personal training, and even though I was in the gym all day, I never made gains because my diet was fucked up and I barely got sleep (I used to barback some nights too). Going back to school and working a desk job was legit the best thing I ever did for my training.

I used to work bullshit customer service jobs at 22-24, and I can see what factors of my work made my training and overall quality of life so poor…


I do agree with this, and everyone’s balance is going to be different (and will change at different points in life). I just don’t think it’s a great idea to prioritize good lifting over your job; you may not have meant it that simply, but that was my point.


I know where you are coming from with this. Just remember you can have a really good workout in 30min if you focus. Another option is to invest in some home gym equipment so when you get home from work you can knock out your workout without having to travel. I understand not everyone is like me an has working out as a top priority but everyone can make time to be more active. Best wishes.