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Trying to Get Back Into It, Seeking Advice


This is hard to agree with if you’re not going to be a pro athlete in a sport that actually pays


I’m not talkin a huge career change, although thats what I did and it wasn’t to accomodate pro sports. I think making a career change for work/life balance, so you can enjoy life and get more of what you enjoy is always a good idea.

Speaking from personal experience, I used to work long hours in gym membership sales and personal training, and even though I was in the gym all day, I never made gains because my diet was fucked up and I barely got sleep (I used to barback some nights too). Going back to school and working a desk job was legit the best thing I ever did for my training.

I used to work bullshit customer service jobs at 22-24, and I can see what factors of my work made my training and overall quality of life so poor…


I do agree with this, and everyone’s balance is going to be different (and will change at different points in life). I just don’t think it’s a great idea to prioritize good lifting over your job; you may not have meant it that simply, but that was my point.