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Trying to Get Back Into It, Seeking Advice

I used to workout quite a lot but just fell out of it and let other things take my time over but im finally in a situation where i can get back into it but my biggest problem is i work a very physical fast paced job 8 to 12 hours a day and am just so exhausted I just dont have the motivation to do anything and im scared if i do I’ll be to tired at work the next day from the workout, my soution was always to abuse caffiene to the extreme but it just doesnt work. Anything would be appreciated!

How old are you?

My job is physical as well, involves alot of travel and sleep deprivation. I a few months ago started back into lifting. I abuse nicotine and caffieine. If I’m not on the clock I’m eating or sleeping. As your gpp gets better it’ll get easier. I don’t use a ton of volume. I try not to wreck my legs or grip ever. And other than that I have my laborers do the packing and shit while I act busy when I feel like trash lol.

Mike is that you??? :rofl:
I had a boss that used to do this!

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My middle name is Mike :joy: but naw. Do what ya gotta do. I spent my time being the jobsite pack mule. I can use my head a little more than my back now.

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The solution is based on how bad you want to do this. Eddie Hall worked long hours as a manual laborer all while training to be the strongest man in the world. You have to want to lift more than you want to rest.

I’m tired all the time. I own and operate a multi million dollar small business. I’m running around like a crazy person all day. I have a 4 year old son at home. I have social obligations. A lot going on. And I still manage to train at a very high level. It’s because I can’t imagine my life without that component. Get your mind right, and you can make it happen. If you can’t do that, there are other passions out there to pursue that are less physically taxing.


Ease into it. Start light and low volume. Increase slowly each week. Take 4ish weeks to get to a good amount of volume at a slightly challenging intensity. Then go from there. You won’t miss out on Mr Olympia this year because you took some time getting into the game.

Wave volume and intensity to keep you from burning out over time once you get into the swing of things.

Im 22

What type of work exactly

Plenty of people with more physical and time-consuming jobs lift regularly.

I don’t know what advice you’re seeking here. If you’re afraid of being tired afterwards, don’t lift weights. Problem solved.


Well my first thought was get your testosterone checked, but given your age that’s most likely not the problem.

I would get a full blood panel, go ahead and include testosterone and SHBG in addition to thyroid, LH/FH etc and post the results.

Not sure what to think was working on a production line at 28 with two very young sons 1 year and new born . Loading over 2000 50 lbs aluminum castings a day and still trained for low level strongman.

Try this, one workout on weekend/day off, one mid week…

Thinking it over and baring any health issues your problem could be several things.

  1. Your not sleeping enough
  2. Your not eating the amount or quality of food to meet physical demands
  3. Your lifting needs to reflect the demands of your job as already addressed above
  4. You need to sack up as addressed above.

I like #2. What was in your lunch box back in the day?

I feel like the youth of today have Fruit by the Foot and Mountain Dew for lunch.

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I honestly don’t recall exactly… Were talking 18 years ago. All I can say i don’t recall ever allowing myself to get hungry. I do recall eating allot of animals

I feel like my training life greatly improved by going to grad school and working a desk job.

I used to be a trainer at a commercial gym, and taught group fitness a few times a week, and just couldn’t get bigger than 145-155. Now I don’t do anything physical all day and save it for training, and have time to run back home for my lunch breaks.

If you think you need to make a major career change to accommodate your training, it might be for the better. When I was 22, I was working at a liquor store moving cases of wine all day, and still got in my lift before my shift - but I def didn’t eat as good as I should have.

Small is relative I guess. Lol


generally, business size is characterized by number of employees. I have less than 20.

Have you tried working out in the morning before work? Takes some getting used to. But, you may find that it energizes you get through your work day.