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Trying to Get Back in Shape

I’ll try to keep things short and sweet. I’m 32, been training since I was 17 ish but with huge lay offs in between. Competed in a few bdfpa meets a good few years ago. Lockdown has actually worked out really well for me, as much as I hate it, I’ve developed a rekindled love for training. Anyway here are my stats, I’ll maybe stick some pics up later depending on how brave I feel. Goal is to get into “holiday shape” even though it’s highly likely I won’t be going anywhere this year!

Height: 174cm/5’9 (Just about)

Weight: 87kg/191lbs

Neck 16.5"

Upper arms: 16 1/8" (yes, it does count)

Forearm: 13 1/4"

Chest: 44"

Waist: 36" :confused:

Quads: 25"

Calf: 16 1/4"

Best lifts:

Bench 100kg x 3

Standing OHP 75kg x 1

Olympic Squat 140kg x 1

Deadlift 200kg x 2

Current lifts, as I’m training with the limited stuff I have at home:

Standing OHP 60kg x 6/29kg DBs x 6

Weighted chins bodyweight + 30kg x 5

Bodyweight dips + 35kg x 5

Don’t have enough weights to perform meaningful deadlifts and I dont have a squat rack. DB split lunges have been as much as my legs have seen.

Anyway, I was a long term member of MT going back a good few years, hopefully I can keep someone interest on here


Bodyweight x 10
Bodyweight +37.5kg x 4 (3 sets)

Flat DB bench
29kg x 12,10,12

Flat DB flies
12kg x 12,12,12

EZ Skullcrushers
40kg 12,12,12

Short and simple.