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Trying to Gain Weight Fast

This is a question regarding putting on muscle quick. First off, I’m not sure exactly what is enough or too little to eat. What foods would be my best sources to gain weight. The other half of my question is: I’m currently in the gym 4 days a week and each day I devote to 3 muscle groups. EXAMPLE: Day 1= Chest, Biceps & Abs: Day 2= Triceps, Legs & Abs; Day 3= Back, Shoulders…etc. Each day last about 45 mins. to 1 hour. Is this the best system for putting on muscle & weight. Final part of My Question: I just bought protein powder, & was wondering how often I should make a shake. Before or After a workout or Both/ Morning, Afternoon or Night?
Sorry about the lenghty question.

one question, do you read t-mag?

gain muscle->eat alot, eat real food, drink shake after workout, calculate your cals in a t-mag article, read post workout nutrition in a t-mag article, and check mass gaining routines in a t-mag article.

you will gain muscle doing that routine if you eat right, and enough.


Skinny bastard diet+anti-bb+mag-10+surge=large gains in muscle and strength.