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Trying to Gain Mass?


Ok so I've seen a bunch of new people posting on here lately about trying to gain mass, and it is about the bulking time of year. I just thought I would throw my 2cents in the mix about the two best lifts to do to gain mass.

I normally train for PL so I never really did ass to grass squats before. I did them this past weekend, going down as low as possible (barbell hitting the safety bars in the squat rack) and my legs were sore for several days! It was great and I was surprised they didn't hurt my knees!

The second one is again something I had never tried before. Normally I do plenty of pull-ups but this was the first time I added lots of weight. I have done them before holding a DB between my legs, but it was a whole other world doing it with a dip belt! I did close-grip pull-ups with 55lbs on the dip belt for sets of 5-6 reps. Damn my back was sore, my arms, and my abs! The abs surprised me with being so sore!

Anyway to all the new guys/gals out there looking to gain some muscle in the upcoming winter months (or in general) I would highly suggest these two movements! You better believe that they will be staples in my workouts from here on out!

-That being said I don't want to hear it that they didn't work for you when you are only eating 2,000kals a day!


Mike, you wanna come back to Clemson and take my managerial exam for me tomorrow night? Hows Motor City?

Weighted pullups are a bitch. Did you read that article on here last week about ATG vs. Power squats? That got me motivated to drop the weight some and really work on my depth.


Lol man if I could be back in college I would love to!

The motor city is good man, finally found some good places to hangout and got myself a new ride.

That article was the reason I decided to switch things up a bit and do the ATG squats. Very helpful in building up the legs. I can't do leg presses b/c of my knees so these squats are a great addition!