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Trying to Gain Lean Muscle Mass, are These Macros Good?

Currently about 185 trying to get to about 200-205 I’m 5’11 barefoot

I lift 4 times a week and get about 45 minuters-hour of cardio three times a week and I work 4 days a week at automobile plant.

I tried going 3300-3500 and couldn’t gain

So now I’m going 3700-3800 Cals

Macros are:
247 Protein
453 Carbs
105 Fats
95 Sugar
18 Saturated Fats

Looks solid. I’m jealous! Looks like the auto work has you burning alot of calories throughout the week.

What kind of cardio are you doing? It might just be counterproductive to your goals, especially if you’re struggling to gain on 3500 Cal. However, if you enjoy eating that much and/or really enjoy cardio, by all means, have at it.

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Man I wish. Hate eating this much lol

I don’t think it’s the autowork I think it is my cardio activity on my off days!

Sunday Monday and Tuesday nights I play in a men’s basketball league so that’s anywhere from 25-30 minutes of HIIT cardio playing in a basketball game followed by a lift session and jumproping and battle ropes for an additional 15-20 minutes.

Is that where I’m going wrong? Just really don’t want to gain too much fat which is why I’m doing heavy cardio

Well in that case, you are getting in your own way a little bit. Try dropping the post-workout conditioning for a week and keep your Cal where they are. Reevaluate in a week. If you start moving that scale up .5lb/week you’re in great shape.

I’d never advocate for giving up sports haha. Especially if lifting and looking good is just a hobby for you.

I can’t speak for everyone, but personally I always like to start any transformation (whether gaining, cutting, or maintaining) with zero cardio.

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Exactly what I think I’m gonna do,drop the extra cardio for a week and see if that bumps the scale up a bit. Yea I like to look good and still like to be very active so lifting and playing ball on my off days is a must! Thanks for the input

For sure. Sounds like your head’s in a great place, and you’re willing to adapt. I’m betting you’ll get great results.

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Yea I’m willing to adapt and try anything in order to reach my goals

This is me currently at 5’11 188

Update this is me with a full pump