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Trying to Gain 15-20 Pounds


I'm 5'10" 155lbs. I have a very physical job that requires alot of lifting and climbing. (cableguy) I would like to add 15-20lbs of muscle by Jan. I have very little bf and a very high metabolism. Will someone tell me what I need in order to do this weights supplements etc.


eat more food...alot more...

the number one problem with skinny guys is how they drastically underestimate their caloric needs.

start chowing down!


Energy consumption is going to be your biggest concern. You need energy to put on muscles - no supplement will help you without positive energy. Given your physically intensive job that means lots of calories. I'd start at 5000 calories in 7-9 meals and go from there. If you're not gaining on that, up the calories.

As far as specifics, take a look at John Berardi's Massive Eating articles. Look under his name in the article library. As far as programs, there's a lot, take a look at the Beginner II thread by vroom in the Beginner section, and pick one.


As well, it's going to be very tough to get that many calories with whole foods. You should check into getting a heavy supply of the Grow! powders to make sure you are getting the protein/calories your body needs.

Stay strong