Trying to Fix APT and Squat (Vids Included)

For the last 9 months, I have had an extremely tight lower back and quads, mainly from bad form and being too quad dominant. It has mostly affected my low back and getting deep into a squat. I have watched some videos by jonnie candito and Chris duffin and I think I’m starting to turn a corner.

Before, I was breaking at the hips and not pushing my knees out. Now I’m learning to break at the knees and push the knees out. I have noticed that my descent feels weak and slow, but accelerating up is not a problem, I’m guessing due to my strong quads and low back and weak glutes. Here are some vids. Any advice?

Another video

And another

Also, a little more detail. Over a year ago, I got in a car accident that heavily bruised my left hip flexor. I went to PT about 7 months ago and the PT said my left side was more anteriorly tilted then my right. He told me to stretch my left hip flexor and right hamstring. He also gave me a few exercises but I wasn’t seeing results. I’m guessing due to inadequate form on those exercises.