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Trying to find the root cause of my paroblems

Hi, me again.

Im desperately trying to find out what has gone wrong in my body.
After a month on test cream to the srotum I developed extremely dry skin all over my body.
Im talking to the point of no oil/sebum at all and my skin is so dry its almost burning. This has caused extreme eczema all over my body and the worse part is my eyes. I have no moisture in them. Emollient creams sort of give me relief for perhaps 30 min but it just drys up soon after. Its been 3 weeks now back on injections and things are just getting worse. Strange thing is ive noticed libido and sensitivity has very slightly improved.
At the beginning of my trt journey 3 years ago my skin became very oily and healthy looking and I felt amazing.

I really am desperate now to find out what is going on.
Im worried ive caused myself something similar to post finasteride syndrome.
Would it be beneficial to get full blood test now to see if anything stands out?

Can anybody give me a list of everything i should get tested ie, cortisol, thyroid to what vitamin/mineral deficiencies i should look for.

It just seems a bit suspicious that I raised dht massively and felt great for a while on scrotal cream and then crashed badly with extremely dry skin. My energy levels are good but I cannot function day to day with this problem its awful.

Im extremely worried and need some reassurance that I can recover.


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