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Trying to Find Picture

Don’t know where to post this… I’m trying to find a picture from one of the articles on this site. I have been searching the most recent articles and the powerful images but haven’t had any luck. Anyways, the guy in the picture reminded me of Pyrros Dimas, but a little bigger–huge traps and quads, and cut. And he was wearing white. If anyone can post the pic and tell me who it is I’d be thankful.

This one?

[quote]Zund wrote:
This one?[/quote]

Yes! That’s the one. I think this guy has an awesome physique… who is he?

Ivan Stoitsov

[quote]chesspirate wrote:
Ivan Stoitsov

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAuS0R4dozs [/quote]

damn impressive…

Hawt abz.

How do you get into Olympic Weightlifting?