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Trying To Find Certain Lifting Straps

I’ve seen them in the wild in the past, so I know they exist but I can’t find them.

Essentially they look just like versa grips, but the part you wrap around the bar isn’t slick. It’s like raw cowhide type leather. I really like the versa grips but reviews say when you’re real sweaty they get slick and I swear a lot.


Cobra Grips

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Have you used them? How thin is the material? How do they work?

What about these. That looks like untreated leather.

I really like the basic Harbinger cloth straps. The grip wet or dry.

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Those look great!!! Pretty much exactly what I was looking for based on the pictures you shared!!! Thank you, I will go look at them

All I see here is a masturbation toy disguised as some type of gym equipment.

Does it come in velvet?

Bro. We might need to have a talk on your masturbation technique :joy: raw cowhide should never be a go to texture for sexy time.

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