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Trying to Find a TC Article


I tried to find a certain TC article in the Archives but had no luck, Maybe you guys can help.

It was about why it isn't necessary to be over 200 lbs. It went on to say people over 200 lbs put themselves at certain health risks, etc. If I am paraphrasing incorrectly, I apologize. That's why I want to read it again.

I appreciate the help. Thanks.


wasn't that a guest 'DOG' by Shugs, not TC?
Is it the one that was up within the last 3 months? If it was, that's Shugs.


200lbs., oh my god that is so crazy big.


Well, if you're talking about my article, then yes, that's a totally inaccurate paraphrase! But here it is: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=582624


Thanks Joe. I found it.

It's called "Shut Up" and it was on 3/11/05.


LOL...sorry bro. you're right. totally inaccurate pharaphrase. Great article. thanks