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Trying To Find A Sponsor


The more places you post, the quicker you'll find one, ya dig?

Well, here's some info:


-16 (06/01/1995)
-3 Years Training
-575 Deadlift the last time I could hit a max (recovering from an Achilles injury from running, almost good. But then I got a Grade I MCL tear from getting hit by a car.)
-Going for a 305 push press on monday, will have videos ASAP!
-I am karite36 on youtube, all my training videos reside there.

Basically, I'm looking for a sponsor, who will at the very least, cover travel.

You see, even if I took 1st place when I compete in the upcoming "Jersey Shore Stronggman Beach Bash 2" in which I plan to compete, and get invited to nationals, I have NO WAY to get to Mississippi!

I like talking, so I would have no problem advertising your product. I'd like to compete in powerlifting AND strongman, so I'd be giving you coverage in 2 sports, and I will do what it takes bring more brand awareness!

If there's anything else neglected to provide, tell me!



Good luck with that.
Since you're underage, the keyword would be sports scholarships.
Also, go visit local businesses and explain your concept, how you would wear their logo at competitions (if that is allowed), etc.


Hmmm, I'm not sure is scholarship is the word; their are no colleges that have SM teams. Also, sorry I haven't gotten those vids up, nobody with a camera was available.


Scholarship doesn't mean that it has anything to do with university (although in most cases it is about some kind of education).

I was just trying to sensitize your wording, since people might be skeptical to give out "sponsoring contracts" to a 16-year old. It's all about how you present your case.


Yeah, true. I figure, just be inhumanly strong, beyond belief. Just got 585x8 from below the knee on rack pulls with a good 2 reps in the tank. I'm thinking, if it all goes well, I upload PRs in 1-2 weeks in all my big lifts.


whats ur bw
saw ur vids......monster


In most of my vids I was 245-260 (decently high BF).
From not training legs do to injuries, and from generally being fat, I'm 285 now. I'm trying to cut (starting in about 2 weeks) down to 250-260 while gaining muscle.


Write it up the same you would a job resume keep it professional explain what you can provide them, email it to companies and meet with local businesses


^ From Monday btw.

Yeah, my problem is that they basically brush me off with a one-liner, or just never respond at all.


Keep at it. Someone's always watching you. Nice haircut btw.


It's a tough deal, there is a nutrition company around here that was holding a sponsorship contest, I applied and was turned down, however, a guy that I competed against, and beat handily, in my last competition is a finalist. It really all comes down to how you represent yourself and how you can represent them, I guess I need to get better at that as well.


You need to give them some incentive to sponsor you.

In particular, explain how you can benefit them by wearing their logo, encouraging the use of their products/services, etc.

This is an investment they're making. You need to at least show some sophistication in your pitch. (Or you need to win a bunch of events or set some records.)


If your physique is ''pleasing'' to look at it might be easier for you to get a sponsor because obviously if you look good it would help sell the product better Just a thought. Ideally your strength would carry you but thats probably not going to happen.

Have you tried optimum nutrition? Their a pretty good brand for sponsoring people I believe.


Looking good, ay? cough Pudianowski/Poundstone cough

Also, I don't believe I have tried Optimum yet.


From their [Optimum's] website:

"To submit an entry, you MUST be 21 or older and a resident of the US"



I know a few athletes that aren't from the US but they are over 21.

Poundstone is ripped/huge.


Both those guys are pretty ripped. I don't get your point?


I was pointing to there aesthetics and how they are probably the most marketable guys for that reason. Also Pudzianowski's obvious insanity lol.


635x8 16 Inch Deadlift. Yeah I bounced, I'll cut it out when I have a reason (like a deadlift event at a show).


Are there any youth sports leagues where you live? There must be football, soccer, etc clubs...

Maybe they'd give you some money not necessarily to advertise for them, but to support you.