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Trying to Find a Meet


I just got back from the Army, I was sent home for tearing my hip flexor up and stress fractures in my hip and femur. However, powerlifting is my passion and I want to jump in asap. My bench is 177 right now and I am going to use 5 3 1 method to get better. Can someone help me find a meet in WV, OH, PA, VA, or KY? My computer isnt being cooperative and I am having troubles finding any upcoming meets. Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks, Drake


Are you able to squat and/or deadlift? Does this injury prevent you from doing anything training wise? When do you plan to compete? Is that lbs or kgs when you said you benched 177? Have you tried powerlifting watch dot com?


There are a lot of competitions in VA, usually near UVA every 2 or 3 months. USAPL and 100% Raw are the main feds there. Go to www.rawpowerlifting.com to check them out, look under coming events. They have single lift options as well as full meets.


177 pounds. I want to compete before june so I have a loose window of time. Thanks guys, I am looknig at the ones in VA. If I dont compete Id atleast like to go and see what its about. Get to see how a meet goes. Appreciate it. And yes, I have a stress fracture in my right femur and hip and it will be some time until I can squat or deadlift again. Im thinking Ill just practice my form with lower weights and work on flexibilty til I can progress. Any ideas of how to heal up faster? Supplements or therapy? Im open to all suggestions.