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Trying to Find a Meet, Need Help

I’m trying to find a meet to compete in for my first powerlifting competition. I was thinking of going with USAPL (if anyone thinks another federation would be better feel free to offer suggestions). I live in PA in the lehigh valley (about an hour from philly). For the USAPL they have all of these things like regionals and nationals and things, and I’m wondering what sort of these things you need to qualify for and what you can just enter. On Dec. 3rd they’re having the USAPL Northeastern USA Regional Bench Press & Powerlifting Championships, and I’m wondering if I can enter this. The word championships makes it sound like you had to compete to qualify for a regional championship or something.

I wrestled in high school so I’m used to the whole step up from your area to state and then to national, and that kind of thing, so I’m just a little confused as to what this all means in powerlifting. Thanks for any help and advice in advance.

USAPL state or regional meets are open to anyone; only nationals require qualifying, and some nationals, like push-pull nationals or raw nationals last year, only require a total, not any particular total. That specific meet, I believe, is open to anyone.

Ok, thanks. I do believe I will enter it then.

Check out powerliftingwatch.com, try to find out who the federation director is for your state, and give him a call/email.