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Trying to Finalize Dosage for Test/Mast Cycle

Hi everybody, I’ve been working on planning a Test/Mast cycle but am stuck on what ratio of the two to use. Should I use the same amount of both, more test, or more mast? I’m leaning towards having the one that causes more hair loss be the lower amount, but since they both cause it I’m not sure if one is worst. My last cycle was Test and I haven’t used Masteron before, so it’s hard for me to the difference in sides between the two. Aiming to run a little over a gram of gear in total per week, somewhere between 1g and 1.4g.

Any advice on what the ratio of these should, or any advice/experiences on differences in side effects, would be great. Thanks.

Why so much? What was your first cycle dosage? I started a cycle of test 500 / mast 300 but recently lowered the test a bit. Pretty good results for me.

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