Trying to Figure Out What I Should Eat and When

Currently I wake up at 8, get dressed and go run for 30 minutes at a somewhat fast pace and then do resistance training later in the day around 4-5. I try to eat 6 meals a day spaced 2-3 hours apart. The first usually consists of cheerios or oatmeal, second is usually just a protein shake with some sort of vegetable, third would be a tuna sandwich or a pb&j, fourth is carrots and some chicken a little before my workout, fifth is a protein shake steak and eggs with bell peppers mixed in, and my last meal is almost always a whey isolate shake some string cheese and carrots or cucumbers. My goal is to get down to 13-15% bodyfat but maintain my weight at 220 lbs at 5’ 10". Any help would be appreciated because I am definitely building muscle but i seem to have hit a plateau on lowering my bodyfat.

What are you asking for requires entire articles or books or nutrition coaching. Have you read some of the thousands of nutrition articles on this site?

Agreed. It’s AWESOME that you’re ready to make more progress, but you’ll receive way more info by searching the site and reading, there are countless articles that will give you all the info you need to continue your success.

220lbs at 13% and 5’ 10" would make you a very big boy indeed

220# at 5’10" and 13-15% body fat will most likely require anabolic drugs. OP: your goal is quite lofty. What is your estimated body fat and weight now?

25% estimated last month I try to get an estimate monthly. And I have read some articles but I still am having trouble piecing together my nutrition plan.

What’s your weight line skier?

My current weight is 218 completely empty.

This gives you an LBM of 164#. 225# at 13% bf would have you at 196# LBM. Your goal involves 32# gain in LBM, which can take a LONG time. It might be all the LBM you ever gain naturally. I suggest you just get the gist of nutrition and training generally–get on a baseline diet and basic training program with some isolation exercises and take it from there. Yes, vague advice here, I know.

I know how to train but I’ve been reading articles on this site and I’ve found out everything I need to know on my diet thus far to maximize my muscle gain. Thanks for the extra info though, I will probably adjust my goal go something closer to 200 at 13% or so.