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Trying to Figure Out This Cycle


Alright so I just got done with surgery on wednesday and its gonna be a little longer than i expected before i can go back to lifting. I was originally planning on running a "cutting" type cycle but now that ill be out longer than expected i think i am going to lose a lot more size than i thought.

So im starting to wonder if i should stick with my original plan or maybe run a 16 weeker where the first 8 weeks i would go with more calories to gain some weight back then the last 8 drop the carbs, cut the fat, so on and start to cut a bit.

I currently have test-e, eq, primo, deca, and anavar, so maybe first 8 weeks ill do test-e, eq and primo then the last 8 ill add the anavar, drop the test and eq a bit and bump up the primo

Any suggestions would be welcomed


What kind of surgery? This makes a huge difference in capabilities during recovery.

You can probably do some light lifting, nothing with significant strain (i.e. sets of 20, or even 5-10 reps if done slow enough using a light weight), in order to maintain muscle mass. You can also try to eat more to keep what you've got. Provided the timeline for recovery isn't too long you'll likely do better putting on a little fat to keep most/all of your muscle. I think it would be easier to lose fat, especially on gear, than it would be to gain muscle to get back to where you started.

Without more specifics on diet and drug dosages we can't give specific responses, but what you've laid out seems solid to me.


i had suprascapular nerve entrapment, which affected my lifting a lot because it gave me back spasms almost every month where i would have to take at least a week off, i couldnt do traps, bench, heavy shoulders, and had to formulate a way to still get me lifts in.

I see the doctors on the 23rd and believe i will start physical therapy that friday. hopefully i will start lifting light a week after i start my pt. Now i have been trying to eat like i normally would but since i am not burning any calories im starting to put on a little fat.

So i figure ill start lifting light for a week then the second week of lifting I would start the aas. Initially i was going to do Primo at 500mg/week eq at 300mg/wk and maybe 50mg of anavar, wasnt sure yet

But now im worrying that i will undoubtedly lose muslce mass as well so id like to put at least what i lost back on.

maybe first 8 weeks ill do test e - 500mg/week, eq at 400mg/week and primo at 200mg/week with 4,000 kcals (a lot lower than i would do if i was "bulking" but i originally intended on cutting)'

then at 8 weeks ill go primo at 500mg/week, test e at 400mg/week, and eq at 200mg/week, maybe add in the anavar as well

Although im still not sure


You won't be having any tendons operated on so that's a plus. I couldn't find anything on recovery time with your surgery, or how invasive the procedure is. I'd imagine they'll suggest limited spinal compression for a while, but you should be able to lift soon enough, maybe not too heavy though.

Your cycle looks good. If you started it as you say in the second week of recovery it should kick in by the time you begin lifting heavier weights, so you should be right on track. It seems like it's just a waiting game now. Maybe do a ton of calf raises and maybe some forearm work--most people need more of these anyway. Good luck with the recovery.


as far as taking some precaution for hairloss im thinking of just using nizoral three times a week, sound good?


I've had good results with Nizoral. Recently I thought about adding in finasteride for the prostate too, that and I'm using higher doses. The guys in my family don't go bald, but they definitely have large receding hairlines. If you don't have MPB genetics I would say Nizoral is a fine choice. I actually pull out the tape measure to check my hairline every so often.


thanks for all your advice i appreciate it