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Trying to Figure Out Next Cycle

So I’ve only used tren E, test, C,E,P, Deca, and masteron so far. (As in past cycles). I’ve read that it’s good to try a new compound everytime because it’s new to your body and will be more effective. I’m interested in trying dbol. But should I skip the tren and try another compound this time? My goal is to bulk up but keep the fat down obviously. I’ll probly run a 16 weeks cycle. Maybe I should start with tren then cut it out and switch to another compound halfway? Idk any cycle recommendations would be awesome. Last cycle I ran 500 test e a week with 100mg prop eod. I ran tren e at 400 mg a week, I did that for the first part of it then switched to deca. Made me pretty puffy so cut that out after only a few weeks of it kicked in and went back to tren.

Also I know my last cycle was kind of retarded. Be kind please lol

Age, height, weight, pic, goals would be helpful.

It sounds like you are all over the place with respect to cycles, trying this, trying that.

How many cycles have you run?

Maybe just try running 500mg of test and see what happens?

I’m 30, 6”1, 210 atm. My goal is to gain muscle, and maintain or possibly drop some body fat. But main goal is gaining size. I’m including some of my before pictures, and where I’m at now just so u can get an idea of my genetics etc. I gain and hold fat very easily.

I’ve ran three cycles, the first was test only.

I’ve been interested in throwing in dbol for a while now. As said before I’ve used tren deca test and masteron so far.

I really want to build a good cycle so any help would be great.

Also I know my body is a work in progress so don’t knock me please

I also have some loose skin issues from all the weight loss, which I’m hoping gaining some more muscle will help solve

Ight, I’m a bit of a minimalist. I’d just run Test at 500mg a week again. But, that’s just me.

The first two pics you look like you could lean out. The rest look pretty good. Are you doing legs or are you this guy?

DBol is cool but it can be dicey. I got estrogen sides when I used it, no AI.

Just my bullshit thoughts. Good luck.


The first two pics are from when I first started working out again lol. I lost about 70 pounds of fat since then. Those other pics are me now, I just put the first two in there so u could see kind of my genetics and body type.

I def train legs! I don’t have the best legs but I train them hard as fuck every week. Here they are and here’s a side view of me now as well

So you ran 500mg test, 350mg test prop, 400mg tren… good luck with you’re incoming cascade of myocardial infarctions 30 years down the line… seriously, why would you go this heavy if you weren’t going to compete?

That being said… sick tats man!

Your always such a ray of sunshine lol. My goal is to compete eventually. I know I went heavy. That’s why I’m trying to figure out my next one from others because the last one I got from someone who obviously didn’t know what they were doing. I’m here to learn, you can make snide remarks if that makes you feel better, but the reason I’m here is to avoid mistakes like that in the future. Thanks!

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I know… I’m so optimistic (sarcasm, in general I’m a very pessimistic individual lol)

Well… what are you’re goals? Bulk, cut, recoup? No one can really give advice until you know what you’re intended goal is… that being said, tommorow (predominantly due to my pessimistic nature and because I care about the health/longevity of others) I will write up a detailed post regarding the potential long term rammifocations that may be present if you continue down this path… from that point on it’s entirely you’re decision in relation to what you wish to do

If you want to tighten up how about Test/Mast and Var? Aside from lipids those are not known to be too crazy on the side effects. If you want to ramp it up and risk it you could add some NPP.

Unless you’re iron yuppie… with god tier genes, lipids don’t budge on 50mg var!!!

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I know your jsut trying to help and be honest about the risk. I appreciate that man. Sorry I got snippy. My goal would be mainly to add mass, but I also am not trying to gain fat, so maybe a recomp. My diet is on point. But yeah mainly wanting to put on size and then slim down after. I recently just lost another 30 pounds of fat in 12 weeks and I lost a bit of my size so trying to get that back and then some

Npp is deca just short ester correct? does it bloat u as much as decoanate? I also don’t know too much about var. what are it’s strong suits?

Also thanks for all the help everyone. I know my knowledge on everything is very limited and many things I say are probly retarded😂

It’s super late where I am… but there’s no need to put yourself down… don’t do that

Going to sleep now

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NPP didn’t bloat me much compared to deca but also didnt get much out of it below 500mg.

Var is absolute gold. In higher doses, it’s tren on steroids. Vascularity, strength, tightness, but high BP.



Would test, dbol, npp be a solid mass gaining cycle? Cutting out dbol after a few weeks.

Well do you want to add mass or tighten up? Dbol is gonna make you puffy but I love the stuff. You would want to run test P with the NPP … 8 weeks or so.

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I want to add mass for sure