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Trying to Figure Out My Neurotype Test Results

Coach, I was wondering if you could take a look and let me know if this means I’m definitely a type 3. I ask because when I used to read your articles and try to categorize myself I was confused because I seemed to also have so many traits from all the types especially 2a and was thinking maybe I was the “chameleon” you mentioned in other threads. Thanks

Sub-total “Main” 3 13 36 25 63
Sub-total “Secondary” 6 16 16 28 38
Sub-total “Other” 11 9 31 30 26
Total 20 38 83 83 127

That looks a lot like a type 3 to me. The high 2B score indicate low GABA and high glutamate and type 3 can be like that. The 2A score is a tad weird but to overall result is not enough to make me question the type 3 evaluation.

My answer might be different with an in-person assessment though.

ONE CAVEAT. I’ve seen one guy with similar scores and originally we both thought that he was a type 3 with ACTN3 RR (he was very muscular)… but turns out he is the 2B “artist” profile, that might be your case.

Ok thanks coach, I actually think your correct with type 3 because I’ve always been naturally skinny/fat, my whole life, hard to put on muscle and hard to get cut. I have to put in a ton of years and effort to look they way I do. Plus I’m prone to anxiety, I stress easily and have sleeping issues. But the only thing that throws me off is that I do like different types of training styles and respond to all of them but only for short periods. I was always drawn to bodybuilding (started when I was 12) and I like the pump and feeling the the target muscles work but I also love heavy weight like triples. I’ve discovered for me the most efficient way to gain muscle is through lower volume high intensity and fairly low carbs to cut. The worst type of training for me is high volume with or without high frequency even when eating a lot. But I keep falling into that trap cause I am a bit of a stimulus junkie and like the pump, but I get weak and soft quickly from it. Layers and clusters have always worked very well for me. My best gains in size and strength were way back when you introduced the perfect rep. I would pick one compound movement and pyramid up to a few sets of heavy triples, doubles or even a single and then do a couple back off sets and finish that body part. But I do get injured easily and have many permanent injuries, tears etc. Not sure if that changes anything. I guess now I’m starting to sound like an OCD type 3 lol.

So just to be certain when selecting a program from your site I’m assuming I stick with type 3 related programs? Thanks again for all your advice over the years.