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Trying to Figure Out My Clen Measurement

Now, you are being so whiny and confrontational. Nobody is going to want to help you. There are guys on this forum, as well as this topic, that have a vast knowledge of proper gear use. You asked a basic question and gave no details that we could use in order to help you out. Instead, you became a butthurt bitch. I was actually going to help you out, hence why I told you we needed more info. BUT, you got all defensive when you weren’t given an instant answer. That’s fucking childish. Maybe that one little bitch cycle of test you took has fucked you up and shot your estrogen levels through the roof. So your next topic should be " I did one test cycle and now I’m a whiny little bitch, what should I do?" You might actually get some of the answers you want. You’re a joke.


Dude your so fucking annoying.

he’s actually really helpful. You’re the one being a dick.


you’re a fat, weak keyboard warrior who would not say any of these things to any of us in real life.


end of thread…