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Trying to Figure Out My Clen Measurement

Some one explain to me how much Clen I should take because it’s 30mcg/ ml
How much do I need to take per day?

If I’m right it’s 1ml for 2 weeks then 2ml following correct

Well it all depends on how you want to cycle your clen. people do it different ways. I suggest doing research and then proposing a cycle before asking how much you should take. Also, you ave us zero stats about you. Why do you want to take clen? You need to give info to get info…

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Hey moose Juice eat a fucking dick, I was asking for the average not what I “should” take
Answer a goddamn question and go about your day shitbag.
It’s not about my body I do it’s also about getting my body used to the foreign substance that I’m going to put into it.

Start small and work up in stages. Half life means that constant dose has your blood levels increasing for a while. Just doing more because you think it might be a good idea might get you in trouble. If heart starts jumping out of your chest, you are in for 24 hours of dangerous shit. Do not stack with stimulants or T3, the effects are combined.

Thanks kswan I’ll start with 1mg

Read your opening post. You did not ask for an average… You asked how much you “should take”. Sooo stop whining like a bitch. I was trying to help… BUT, these forums usually work better when you give a little more info. You blew up for no reason lol. I wasn’t trying to be a dick at all but ok. I will say that responding to others the way you responded to me won’t get you very far on here. good luck.

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HAHAHA But I’m the asshole here. I love that some people ask for help and then get all butthurt when they don’t get the response they want. But I’m sure his knowledge far exceeds ours @flipcollar

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Yes man 1mg is a great starting dose… your gonna die.


I use liquids instead of pills.
170 is body weight, body fat percentage is probably around 18 -22 rough estimate.
Just finished a cycle of test a week ago on clomid now with arimidex( liquid of course).
It’s 30mcg per ml.

Yep real idiot here thanks for help though. Don’t need your smart ass comments gang thanks tho!

You did a cycle of test and are only 170, and fat at that.

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170 and fat…BUT we are the assholes… I’m pretty sure that you and I know each other well enough outside of this forum to know that we both understand how this shit works. He’s such a butthurt little bitch. This is comical. @norse_str3ngth

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No ones butthurt there’s just always your typical fucking dousche bags on here not suprised your one of them. My bad for not posting a forum just how you wanted to read it next time just keep scrolling bitch if I wanted your side comments I’d tell you. Now shut your fucking mouth.

I don’t know man…you sound a little butthurt to me.

Holy shit, this might have been the funniest thing I have read today.

Bacon stop being a whiny little girl, seriously chill out

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take 10 to 15 ML see how that goes…

Lol whatever you say man try that 10ml for me first though tell me how it works out for you

SO MUCH BUTTHURT!!! I love it.

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