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Trying to Figure Out Blood Test Results

Hi guys.

I got my blood work back last week and I’m confused/concerned about my E2 level. Some background.

40y/o male, train (powerlifting) four days a week. Generally healthy. I take 180mg/week (.2cc EOD of test-e). I recently started .5mg anastrozole every other day (on the day I don’t pin). I take 5000IU of vitamin D/day (w/ a fatty meal).

Pre-TRT: (Nov 2018)

  • LDL: 163 mg/dL
  • HDL: 79 mg/dL
  • Test (total): 356 ng/dL
  • Test (free): 5.06 ng/dL
  • E2: 21 pg/mL

Current: (March 2019)

  • LDL: 160 mg/dL
  • HDL: 49 mg/dL
  • Test (total): 778 ng/dL
  • Test (free): 33.7 ng/dL
  • E2: 63 pg/mL

The E2 level seems high and there is no morning wood. I was thinking to up the AI or drop the amount of test taken. The safer route is to drop the amount of test. My doctor is tool and is useless (looking for a new one). Thoughts?

Would be nice to know your SHBG levels, probably low. I’m a low SHBG guy and am on an EOD protocol (24mg EOD) and see Free T at the top of the ranges. If your Free T is very high, the solution is a simple one, lower the dosage. You could even pin daily to lower estrogen even more.

Most doctors are useless in managing symptoms on TRT.

Thanks for the info. My SHBG was 20 nmol/L

I’m going to drop down to 100mg/week and retest in two weeks (I’ll bypass my doc for this so I can go back with data).

Generally speaking, is two weeks a decent timeframe for testing? What do you recommend?

6 weeks is the standard for blood testing to check a protocol. It takes that long for your levels to stabilize.

Got it, thank you!

Doing labs before 6 weeks has elapsed is pointless, like trying to measure the water height in a pool that’s intended to generate 5 foot waves, you’ll never get an accurate measurement.

It takes 6 weeks for the half lives to build up in your system after every change in dosage.