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Trying to Figure Out Best Schedule for Sprinting and 531

So I recently joined a sprinting group and I would like to get my 100m time down to 12 seconds (currently at 13.13, not bad for a 225# 36yo) For the past couple of years I’ve been doing 531 to try to get strong, and would like to keep doing 531 in addition to the sprinting. In a dream-come-true situation I’d be able to sprint 100m in 12s AND have a powerlifting total of 1100+.

Right now the sprinting group holds classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. The classes are about 50 minutes of technique drills and mobility work, followed by about 10 min of actual sprinting (e.g. 4 sets of broken 150m, or 6 sets of 10m with resistance).

I’m trying to figure out when I should do squats and deads with the sprints. Should I do it the day of, the day before, or the day after sprinting? If it’s the day of, should I lift before or after sprinting? I wouldn’t mind only sprinting twice a week, but it would be nice to get three times in to get the extra technique work. I just got onto trt and am running 200 mg/wk so I feel like I will be making decent recoveries (at least better recoveries than when my total test was ~220).

Many thanks for any help or advice.

Not Jim so pardon,

How long have you been doing these sprinting classes and how well do you recover from them?

Unlike easier forms of cardio/conditioning/whatever, there can be a good bit of overlap between lower body strength training and hard sprinting. They key will be recovery. If your recovery is great and you’re setting PRs in both strength and speed then there’s no reason to mess with squats & deads; plenty of people do cardio in between lifting sessions.

If you’re not recovering well enough to perform/excel doing both then you’ll have to pull out lifting volume/intensity until you adapt (assuming speed is most important to you at the moment).

I train with a sprinting focus and sprint on separate days from lifting. I lift two days a week (2 main lifts per workout), sprint two days a week, and have a third longer “endurance run” day (sets of 300m-400m at like 75% pace). My two rest days fall before lifting.

It varies based on where I am in the training year, but typically my speed and strength gains are fine and dandy like sour candy.

Been doing sprinting for about a year, 531 for about 2.5 years now. On the days that we work on acceleration I can be a touch sore in the glutes/hams the next day. On days we work on max velocity or tempo work I’m fine. Sometimes days after heavy squats or deads my legs are sore or tired.

I originally was doing squats and deads the day before sprinting, but sometimes my coach would notice that I was running with tired legs, like I was running in cement. But now the sprinting schedule has changed and the rec center I lift at isn’t open on Sundays.

So what you’re saying is if the sprinting work is making me stronger then I shouldn’t do squats and deads? Honestly I think the strength gains I’ve had due to 531 have really helped with my foot force production in sprinting, so I don’t really want to give them up.

I think I am recovering enough, so with that assumption would you say it’s best to do the explosive (sprinting) work the day before, the same day, or the day after doing strength (531) work? If doing them during the same day is best should I lift before or after sprinting?

Many thanks.

So you basically alternate lifting days from sprinting days? So what you’re saying is order doesn’t really matter?

First & foremost, your coach needs to be aware of ANYTHING you’re doing outside of your track work. He/she and you need to be in sync. That huge asterisk aside…

It’s all going to be a balance and related to your schedule. Personally if you know what you’ll be doing, acceleration work & lower body strength training should be scheduled with rest days in between to prevent negative carryover.

No, apologies for not being more clear. I meant that if the quality of your sprinting was being negatively affected, then it might be a good idea to reduce the overall weight or volume of your lifting work. This could come by way of reducing your training max, the overall volume of your workouts, etc.

BUT, if your sprinting is not being negatively affected then there is no reason to pull out volume or reduce your training max. That’s what I meant by “mess with.”

I’ll refer this to the asterisk above. Your coach is the one watching you run and is able to see the big picture. The answer to this depends so much on what exactly the sprinting work entails, and your coach is going to see things you’re not even seeing.

Having said that, were sprint speed my priority I’d want to be as fresh as possible for it.

Yes, I basically alternate lift days and sprint days. I won’t profess that my plan is perfect, but this is what I’ve had good success with:

Sunday: Lift
Monday: Low intensity, low volume recovery run
Tuesday: Sprint workout
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Lift
Friday: Starts/Sled
Saturday: Rest

Every few months I’ll replace Starts/Sled with high intensity 40s-50s but add a rest day before, stretching it into an 8-day training week. But I have access to my home gym and a track 7 days a week.

I noticed that I cut short either my sprint workouts or lifting workouts if I put them on the same day. I’m not you though. You might be able to handle it.

Yeah I’ve mentioned that I do 531 but until today I don’t think she really understood what that meant. I’ve been explaining how it works, and she will come back to me with an idea of when to do what. I imagine she will really agree with the idea behind 531, she already seems to have the right philosophy of how training is different than competing.

Hopefully by tomorrow we will have a plan. Thanks man for the advice for some reason I never really thought to explain to my coach what it is exactly that I’m doing while I’m off the track.

No problem, I wish you the best of luck.