Trying to Establish an Effective Routine

[quote]RFairweather wrote:
First of all, i don’t have access to a gym, but i do have two adjustable ironmaster dumbells (up to 75lbs each) and a bench.[/quote]
I’d consider picking up an Iron Gym doorway pull-up bar. It’s like $20-30 at Target or Walmart, doesn’t have to be screwed into the doorframe, and will give you a few more exercise options. Also, a jump rope is always a good at-home cardio option if you have the room to skip and not hit the ceiling or furniture.

Yeah, no, cut that out.

Look into complexes as one way to get the most out of limited equipment:

Bodyweight exercises (push-ups, lunges, step-ups) are also going to be key to getting a decent program together. Farmer’s walk variations (regular farmer’s, overhead, rack position, etc.) are another great way to finish off a session:


  • Over all larger and stronger upper body and arms
  • Stronger torso
  • Slimmer, yet stronger and more balanced* legs[/quote]
    A good training program and enough daily protein (ballpark 1 gram/pound of bodyweight) will help. Regarding your leg issue, plenty of deadlift variations (like Romanian deads and 1-leg versions) should help to sort things out.

Nutrition will be key for this. It seems like you have a decent general template, but can an eye out for possible tweaks.

Posture is the byproduct of habit, not training. You’ll do more to correct this with conscious effort through the day than with training. Some training might help, but the best cue during the day is to walk like you’re wearing a cape, so it can flow majestically behind you. Also, of course, sit up straight.

[quote]For breakfast i’ll usually slice up and bake a medium potato, and have it with an avocado. Then a bowl of sprouted grain cereal with 2% fat goat milk. Maybe i’ll have some greek yogurt as well if i’m still hungry.
For my main meal of the day, i cook a huge skillet full of veg chili or lentil curry, with lots of spices and have that through out the day with brown rice or quinoa and some dairy product like cottage cheese.[/quote]
I didn’t run the numbers, but this could be a bit carb-heavy depending on portion sizes. Simply scaling back a little on total daily carb intake is the easiest way to nudge yourself into fat loss mode. Monitor bodyweight weekly and make adjustments as needed.

L-Glutamine x 1tsp
Whey isolate x 1 scoop
Hemp protein x 1scoop
Harmonized vegan protein x 1 scoop[/quote]
What does glutamine do for you? Why are you using three different kinds of protein powder?