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Trying to Eat Big, But Cheap

Alright guys, I’m craving mass so badly right now, that I can’t wait for my next meal and/or workout. I got the biggest self confidence booster last night at a party, and it’s made me more motivated than ever before to gain mass.

My question is, what and where can I buy enough for my quest for mass. I’m trying to be as cost efficent as possible, and I’d love for the veterans of iron to give any tidbits on how to eat big, and cheap if possible. Thanks older brothers.

I cook all of the food I consume and I am also on a budget. Here is a list that would be similar to what I use.

Costco/BJs/Sams: Frozen Chicken breasts, ground beef, canned tuna, cottage cheese, egg white cartons, omega eggs, nuts, oats, natural peanut butter, and a huge bag of spinach.

Local produce stand for chesse, fruits, and veggies.

I usually go to the produce stand twice a week, but I only have to go to Costco once every two weeks. I roughly spend $100 at Costco and $15 at produce stand (about $300-$400 a month.)

Make sure you don’t skip out on the fruits and vegtables. If your trying to add mass I am sure you will be eating a diet very high in protein. Protein rich foods are acidic and the best way to neutralize that acid is by eating fruits and vegtables.

Try The Grocery Game. It’s extremely practical and useful. Yes, it’s aimed at soccer moms and large household families so in that it’s kinda gay for dudes to be subscribed to it. There’s nothing gay about buying $90 worth of meat and only paying $14 for it. Thats what I paid one month at the local Shop Rite with the site.

It works like this…

Pay ten bucks a month and the website provides you with a list of things on sale and regular price at your local choice supermarket. Then you make a list of all the products you regularly buy and it checks to see when they are on sale and when you can print cupons for them, as well as manafacture cupons, etc…

It takes little to no time to print the cupons off the site and clip them when they say the circular is going around. The $10 pays of very well each month.

What used to be $400 worth of groceries and supplies each month now comes out to about $150, sometimes $200. Well worth the ten bucks for convenience.

Its worth a look.

Some of my favorites…

Oatmeal. Rice. Eggs. Cottage Cheese. Ground Beef. Ground Turkey. Bulk Dried Beans.

A crock pot or a rice cooker can really help make cooking batches for the upcoming week very convenient since they don’t require a lot of ongoing attention once started.



I am so playing the Grocery Game from now on :slight_smile:

Tuna is dirt cheap and low fat. Buy bags of frozen chicken breasts, maybe not quite as high quality but they’re faster, cheaper and you still get the protein. Pasta, even whole wheat pasta is a good cheap choice. Throw some chopped chicken breasts in whole wheat pasta with some good tomatoe sauce and it’s cheap, healthy and filling. Eggs are cheap also. Go to a place like Costco or Sam’s club if possible and buy stuff like that in bulk…you’ll be amazed what you can get for the money…

Tuna. Frozen chick. breasts. Natural Peanut butter. Eggs are insanely cheap. EV olive oil. Cottage cheese. Regular cheese.

In all honesty, you could go to walmart/costco/bj’s/target and buy a ton of eggs, Peanut butter, and frozen veggies for way cheap.

When I was a sophmore in college i had an apt. and very little money. I shopped at walmart and the dollar store.

oh, and of course, protein powder. You can get any cheap whey for now.

All my veggies are frozen. Make sure to buy a lot of different blends. It’s cheaper and they won’t spoil.

If you are adding them to sauces or stirfries, defrost them first. Otherwise they will make the sauce/stirfry watery.

beans are a magical fruit.

lentils/split peas/beans + rice.

You can make so many concoctions out of those combinations, you’ll be astounded. Try mixing it up by putting small (because of price) amounts of chicken/ham/meat of choice in with the mix. It’s also easy to get mix in lots of different veggies. Plus it’s easy to make a ton once a week, and eat it for a bunch of meals throughout the week.

Daal, chili, split pea with ham, etc…

Cheap + healthy + quick + tasty == good

I actually wrote a few articles about budgeting for bodybuilders back in the day. You can find them here:



Similar, but free

Thanks so much for all the respones, I really do appreciate it guys. I’m deffinately taking all the advice with me. Gracias for the feedback!