Trying to do testosterone therapy without the side effects

Am age 62 and am looking to do testosterone replacement therapy while minimizing the side effects. My initial urologist was useless on this topic, I wanted to use the cream but he claimed my insurance didn’t approve it, and I ended up doing shots of Testosterone Cypionate which brought my level up higher than I wanted it which worked well initially, but over time created obvious side effects. I am no longer taking it for that reason and plan on getting a new urologist who hopefully has a better understanding on this topic. I am not trying to bulk up, just want to make sure my working with a trainer shows results so I don’t get discouraged. Am looking for any information in this area, including how to find a doctor/urologist who actually has a good understanding of this topic.

You should add a minimum be injecting, testosterone cypionate once weekly, any injection frequency further out (every 2 weeks) is likely going to cause issues, which could be ineffective treatment, lack of symptom resolution and/or erythrocytosis.

I work with Defy. I used my family doctore, utterly useless and put me on one shot a month. Went to the University Men’s clinic and they were also useless. First question was would i be interested in pellets? they make the most money doing that.

I inject EOD. I recently reduced to 63 mg/wk. Some will say that is low but it is how you feel. At 80 mg/wk (EOD) my levels were 180 free (top range 240) and total 655 (top range 890). My levels over the course of the year went up on the same dose so I had side effects, headaches, anger, irritiability, sleep issues. Went down a few weeks ago and feel great again.

I thought they taught pharmacokinetics in medical school, but apparently it seems lost on a lot of doctors. The ordinary doctor will fail miserably at administering TRT.

Start low dose and increase as needed. Wish I did this instead of listening to all the brahs online. 100mg makes me feel great. 150mg gives me hella side effects.

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Thanks, that is what I wanted to do but the doctor wasn’t much help.

If you have one near you, go to a TRT clinic. PCPs don’t typically specialize in hormone replacement and aren’t well equipped to handle the appointment frequency and cadence of a TRT client. A good TRT clinic can get you dialed in and on treatment. You may want to consider pellet insertion procedure (we do these alongside weekly injections at my clinic). Once again, go to someone with a lot of experience in the area (you’ll find them at TRT clinics). There are techniques and calculations involved to get the dosage right and make sure the insertion is a good one (Inc distributing the pellets in a web shape vs direct line). Better to go to a specialist vs generalist for this stuff imo.