Trying to Dial in Test E+ EQ

I was running Test C at 200mg/wk for TRT. Decided to give Test/EQ a try based on recommendation from a buddy running it year round. Went straight from TRT dosage to TestE/EQ: 250mg/400mg a week for a couple weeks. Had an anxiety issue, most likely due to significant life issue stress but caught me off guard. Changed to .7/.4 shots twice a week (350 test e, 320 Eq/wk).

I have read about the impact of EQ on estradiol and was not using my Anastrozole from TRT until things settled. Had some nipple sensitivity after a couple weeks and was using Anastrozole with no issues.

What should my dosage be to maximize my test e/EQ ratio without needing an AI?

The correct ratio is the one that keeps your e2 in a range that doesnt give u side effects. Do bloodwork every 2-3 weeks and adjust the dose accordingly.


When I ran it 15 yrs back, I believe I was at 500 Test 300 EQ … Def did not take more EQ than test.