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Trying to Diagnose My Squat Pain


Ive been doing madcows 5x5 for a while now, so im squatting x3 a week, i havent
stalled yet but am experiancing some pain. I can easily brush through this pain
but my brain tells me i should try and cure the problem rather than let it get bad.

The 'pain' is really tightness on one side (left) around the top of the leg where it meets the hip/pelvis, this tightness leads to some pain around the other side around the left glute.

Ive tried rollin it (but i havent got a roller or medicine ball so have been using a basketball, would that work???). I also stretch on a inflatable ball and do some stretches i found on youtube. but still the tightness and pain is there

I got a phys app. in aug but am trying to figure out this before then. How can i find out whether the issue is lower back, groin, hip flexor problem???

any suggestions??



It sounds like the pain I am experiencing now:


You probably have tendonitis or maybe it's Femoral Anterior Glide Syndrome-- in which case you need to make sure that you do some glute activation exercises.

Can you lift your legs up and reach 90 degrees without pain?


My bet is the pain/tightness you are feeling is the result of tightness caused by overuse from 3 times a week squatting. The pain you feel on the other side is your body compensating.

If you stop squatting 3 times a week and start mobility work, it should clear up. I would take 2 weeks off of squatting, and then start up again with once a week squatting. Do this until your appointment.


I think many people on this forum would do themselves well to understand what is happening to their bodies when they lift weights. Remember, your body's primary purpose is to survive, not function well. Understand this and then you can start evaluating what is happening to your body when you give it stimulus that is not natural.


Google trochanteric bursitis. Read about it and look at the pictures. See if that matches your description.



mobility work: yeah! yes
repair time, yes. recovery yes
mobility work - v v v important and often skipped

we're use it or lose it creatures (plastic in other words): don't work the motion, lose the motion.

some info on various mobility approaches here