Trying to Decide Which PWO Meal to Eat

Hey guys, post weight workouts I try to force as much food in my body as possible. I cannot eat a lot of rice, I have tried but it fills me up too fast and I can’t get enough calories in so, see ya rice. I have found the two foods I can consume an absurd amount of are bagels or cereal.

I’m trying to decide between 4 Whole Wheat bagels or an entire box of KIND cereal. Things I like about Bagels, I can crush them and there is almost no fat. Things I like about the KIND cereal, I don’t have a crazy sugar headache after and I like that it’s Gluten free and I can pronounce all the ingredients. Here’s how the calories break down.

4 Bagels with FF Cream Cheese
1000 Calories 6 fat 210 carbs 60 protein

Full bag of KIND cereal in milk
1430 calories 44 fat 326 carbs 22 protein

Fellers, what do you think? I am trying to gain muscle.

My other two meals are
8oz meat (about), 1 handful brazil nuts

16oz chicken (about), spinach, italian dressing, handful mixed nuts, and parmesean cheese (it’s delicious)

Typically totals between 4200 and 4400 calories on workout days. About 2500-3000 calories on nonworkout days.

Oh and same thing with Oatmeal a rice. It fills me up too quickly and I can’t consume the calories.

not too keen on the cereal idea. Not sure I see a purpose in smashing through 300g of sugar post workout…

Paul Carter recently posted this as his post-workout meal:

Rice Chex
Dark chocolate almond milk
1 scoop true nutrition chocolate fudge casein
1 scoop true nutrition chocolate fudge whey isolate

I’m sure its delicious enough that you can slam down a ton of it.

Of the options you gave, definitely the bagels. But then bagels & cream cheese, they’re a relatively awful choice too. At least eat lean meat

I should also mention there are 2-3 scoops of whey protein in here as well to cover my protein needs.

digestive enzymes then you can take on more ‘filling’/clean foods like rice and veg. Also just get some Plazma/karbolyn type product intra workout and none of this will be an issue